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CBD Shatter

What Are the Benefits of CBD Concentrate Shatter?

It is quite amazing how popular cannabis products have grown all over the world within the past few years. There is so much talk about the many benefits people are experiencing. One of the products that has gained some traction of use and popularity is CBD concentrate. CBD shatter is one of the products, but many need answers to the root questions when it comes to this product.

What is CBD Concentrate Shatter?

CBD shatter is a glass-like concentrate that is hard like rock candy and with a color that is sometimes compared to honey. Many of the CBD concentrates like shatter are produced from the hemp plant. CBD can be found throughout the hemp plant including its flowers, leaves, and stem. Once extracted, the CBD rich resin goes through further processing that then becomes CBD shatter and then ready to be vaporized on your dab rig or by using a dab pen.

Shatter gets its name because of the hard consistency like that of rock candy once broken up it shatters into many pieces. Unlike shatter with THC in it, CBD shatter does not give you that high feeling. It does not make you feel out of sorts in any way and you will not feel like munching on everything you see. CBD concentrates can be a natural way to deal with common conditions without feeling side effects from prescribed medications as well.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Concentrate Shatter?

There are many people who would prefer a natural approach with almost anything and CBD concentrates can offer that option for you. CBD is legal in most states because it does not contain any element of marijuana that could get you high. CBD concentrate shatter works by influencing receptors and neurotransmitters throughout your body’s immune system, organ system and cell tissues to help general homeostasis and other ranges of health benefits.

CBD is known to help many common conditions like anxiety, depression, chronic pain and insomnia. CBD concentrates are more potent so some people who tend to have severe symptoms than average may like to go this route to help alleviate their symptoms. If you do suffer with abnormal or excessive levels of pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia, and have not had much success with sublingual CBD oils, then perhaps dabbing CBD may be a better solution for you to try.

CBD Concentrate Dosages and How to Take Ingest It

It is important to discuss with your doctor if you decide this is the direction you would like to go regarding your health journey to wellness. The benefits of CBD shatter are quick results for chronic pain and relief that most people with high pain levels so desire.

For those with anxiety the quick results helps people who are excessively anxious, hindering them to be able to go about their day with more ease and calmness. Another benefit is that the effects last longer. You can also figure out which serving size works best for you easily and effectively, therefore, you can fine tune at a moments notice on how to get your results as quickly as possible. To use CBD concentrates like shatter, wax, crumble or budder you will want to purchase a dab rig or dab pen. They come in variety of sizes and styles. Dabbing offers the ability to consume CBD at a much stronger potency. Of course, the immediate relief is one of the most significant benefits of all.


CBD wax that I mentioned above, is another form of concentrate. It is different than shatter in several ways. It does have the same benefits. However, CBD wax has the consistency of coconut oil and looks kind of like ear wax. It is soft to touch, where as shatter is not. It can be broken apart easier than shatter because of its soft texture. The process for wax is slightly different as well, but is just as useful as shatter. Using wax vs. shatter really is a preference of the user. It is easy just to try both and decide from there what one best suits you.

CBD Wax Effects

CBD wax has to be dabbed. Through this process you use a small amount of wax by putting it on the heated coil of your dabbing pen. The CBD is then of course, inhaled and the person can feel the effects and benefits of CBD almost immediately. This allows you a fast way to feel relief from whatever that is bothering you, like intense pain or high anxiety issues. People like the quick results and the instantaneous effects as these issues can be so disabling on a day to day basis. Whichever you decide to use, shatter or wax you will find the benefits are worth the try.

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