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CBD 500mg – How Much Should I Take?

CBD 500mg

What is CBD 500mg? – its the amount of CBD or total cannabinoids contained in the bottle/container. Often you’ll come across many questions when on the subject of CBD or Hemp oil products. However, most of the time, many that are new to the CBD world ask, “what’s the best CBD serving size?”.

This can be a tricky question since the Food and Drug Association (FDA) has not made a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for CBD or Hemp oil products. Despite the number of blogs that are out there giving their recommendations for serving sizes – it comes down to a matter of opinion.

However, a great start to answering that question could be found by considering your weight, the amount of concentration of CBD within the product, the chemistry within your body and if you’re taking CBD to treat a condition – as well as the severity of the condition if there is one. There are also CBD serving size calculators available online that take the above criteria into consideration, but remember that nothing is concrete.

How Strong Is 500mg CBD?

CBD 500mg is in the middle of CBD serving sizes, so if you’re new to CBD oil products, you might want to try one of the lower servings first – such as 100mg CBD products and then build yourself up to more, if you feel your tolerance is becoming stronger. Blue Moon Hemp offers a CBD tincture with 500mg’s and full spectrum CBD vape oils that are available in both CBD 100mg. Along with a maximum of CBD 3,000mg products.

Pure CBD Tincture

One of the easiest ways to ingest CBD is by using a CBD tincture. All you have to do is fill the dropper, administer the oil under your tongue and then hold it there for about 30-90 seconds before you swallow.

Blue Moon Hemp brings a 30ml blend of Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil with various mgs of CBD. The Nano-Technology and high-speed emulsion methods create a micro-encapsulation of the molecules which result in greater bio-availability. You can buy CBD oil available in peppermint, natural, berry and even provides flavors for pets.

Full Spectrum CBD Vape

When vaping CBD, you’ll have two options – you can use a CBD e-liquid or CBD cartridge system. Either one is easy and both are popular amongst consumers. When using the e-liquid option, you’d simply estimate how much CBD you have in the dropper (similar to the tincture route), and simply put that into the tank and vape throughout the day – paying attention to how much you’re using.

Blue Moon Hemp uses a proprietary process that preserves the “entourage” effect while still removing all of the THC. This means no fails on drug screenings and no psychoactive effects. Using Plant Only Vegetable Glycerin and a Bio-Based (Non-GMO Corn) Propylene Glycol (70/30) to provide the cleanest, purest and tastiest CBD Hemp Vape oil on the market today. Available in Kush, Red Devil, Pure, Flan, and Black Kat flavors.


As there is no real way to fully answer questions like, how much 500mg CBD oil to take – there are many ways to help find out what’s best for you and your body. Do the research and take into consideration things like weight, the amount of CBD within the product, etc.




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