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What Are CBD Infused Gummies?

What Are CBD Infused Gummies?

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Cannabis is usually thought of as a recreational drug, so when you hear the term “cannabinoid,” you probably think of the plant’s psychoactive compound, THC. But THC is not the only cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. As it turns out, it is rich in other chemical compounds that can be used for medicinal rather than psychotropic purposes. Of these, the best-known is cannabidiol or CBD. It’s thought that CBD could benefit sufferers of a number of conditions, including chronic pain, diabetes, arthritis, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. It’s also being studied as a potential treatment for cancer.

CBD derived from hemp is legal in nearly all fifty states. It can be bought in many forms, including oils, balms, lotions, tinctures, and edibles. Gummies are a great option since they’re portable and delicious. If there’s anything else might you want to know about CBD gummies before you give them a shot, read on and see if we have the answers for you.

Can you get high on CBD infused gummies?

Many people who are interested in the health benefits of CBD don’t take CBD products because they’re worried that it will get them stoned. The psychoactive compound in marijuana is called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This is the chemical that gives you feelings of sedation, euphoria, and induces delusional thinking and sometimes hallucinations. CBD has a number of potentially psychiatric uses, but not one of them includes getting you high.

That doesn’t mean that CBD is useless. Although you won’t experience giggle-fits from taking CBD products, you might feel the alleviation of certain aches and pains throughout your body, and potentially your mind. CBD is being investigated as a possible remedy for anxiety and depression. This would not be possible by smoking marijuana with a high THC content, as THC is known for inducing anxiety in addition to its other psychotropic effects. CBD might have the opposite effect of calming and clarifying the mind.

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How long does CBD infused gummies take to work?

Depending on a number of factors, it can take anywhere from 5 to 180 minutes. Some of these factors include physiological variables, including the height, age, weight, and sex of the taker. Another factor is how quickly and in what way the gummy is eaten. Taken sublingually, that is, by letting it dissolve under the tongue, you increase the “bioavailability” of the CBD by absorbing it near-directly into your bloodstream via the soft tissues in your mouth. Letting it sit under your tongue is by far the fastest way to get the effects of your CBD rolling, but they can also be dissolved around your cheeks and between your tongue and roof of your mouth. All of these areas change the bioavailability of the CBD, so as you can see, this is a more complex question than it might seem.

If you simply eat the gummies like you would a normal candy, even swallowing it whole, you will eventually feel the effects of the CBD. It could take as long as two and a half hours, but it won’t have left your body at that time. In fact, eating them rather than letting them dissolve has a different benefit, and that is the length of time that the CBD remains active in your system. Swallowed whole, they might last you an entire day.

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CBD infused gummies benefits

The first and most often cited benefit of CBD is that it is a great pain reliever. In particular, CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties when bound to certain neurotransmitters called “endocannabinoids” that bind with it. This can help sufferers of arthritis, for example.

Symptoms of more a serious condition could also be alleviated by CBD: cancer. This is not to say that CBD is a cure for cancer. Rather, CBD is useful to help patients handle the side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy. These side effects often include nausea and pain. There are already remedies on the market for chemo side effects, however, they can come with side effects of their own – if they are effective, to begin with.

There are many other potential benefits to using CBD. It could help heart and brain health, and it could also be useful for such common ailments as indigestion. The list is so long that it can’t be covered exhaustively here. However, some of the more common ailments that CBD can help are listed below:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Acne

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Can you test positive to marijuana eating CBD infused gummies?

The quick answer is that taking CBD gummies will almost never make you fail a drug test. There are trace amounts of THC in some CBD products, but you would have to take obscene amounts of them every day before it showed up in a urinalysis.

The more complicated answer is that urinalysis tests strictly for THC, so theoretically you should test negative every single time. However, there has been shown to be some cross-reactivity between THC and CBD compounds in certain urinalyses that give false positives for CBD users. But, again, this crossover is so slight that there is hardly any risk to using it all the same.

In the worst case, there are certain CBD products that do not contain even trace amounts of THC. This does not solve the cross-reactivity potential, but that potential is so slight, to begin with, that it’s usually nothing to worry about.

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CBD gummies for pain

As already stated, CBD is thought to be a great remedy for the pain of all kinds. Endocannabinoids are proteins in your brain that act as receptors to cannabidiol, reducing inflammation and pain. This can be helpful for arthritis sufferers, cancer patients, chronic back pain sufferers, and others. The greatest benefit of CBD is not just that it kills pain, however. CBD shines brightest when it’s compared to other mainstream pain management options on the market. Particularly, opioids are causing patients a significant risk compared to CBD when used for pain management.

Opioids are known to be highly addictive. CBD gummies for pain, on the other hand, isn’t. It also has fewer and less severe side effects, if and when they surface. In general, although there has been less research into the medicinal use of CBD than opioids, it’s considered by many to be safer than the alternative. It seems to be making its way toward mainstream acceptance and very likely FDA approval in the future.

Are CBD gummies legal?

The acceptance of CBD by the mainstream has shot up in recent years especially as medical marijuana use has started to become legal across the United States. However, it’s not legal across the board yet. Most states have no restrictions on hemp-derived CBD products, but there are a few still lagging behind. Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota have a continuing ban on all marijuana-derived products including CBD infused gummies. But are CBD gummies legal there? Fortunately, hemp-derived products still get a pass; just make sure that there is not even one molecule of THC to be found in them.

To conclude

CBD could be a great option for you even if you only experience an occasional headache. Side effects of CBD are few and far between. It could be less dangerous than Tylenol, notwithstanding that it hasn’t been approved by the FDA yet. Especially when taken in edible forms, like gummies, it’s a great option for those experiencing a variety of common ailments, and a few very serious ones.

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