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CBD Oil for Dogs

Why CBD Oil for Dogs?

When you think of CBD Oil for dogs, you wonder can it be true, that yes CBD can be good for dogs? When it comes to the health of our favorite dog or dogs, we are reminded just how much they mean to us. For many, their dog is just like family. Dogs are treated just as if they were people’s very own child. As a result, today’s world is centered around everything to make their life just as comfortable as a human being. Just like children in strollers, they have strollers for dogs and you see them in malls, restaurants and even on airplanes. There are stores where you can buy the best and high-end accessories for your poochie.

Dogs have become such wonderful companions for many people that they have them as Certified Emotional Support Animals. They bring such joy and love to our lives. Therefore, paying close attention to their health is a top priority for all dog owners, since the traveling can also be very taxing on them. While some pet owners still prefer traditional ways for the care of their pets, so many are now looking into a more natural way of keeping their dogs healthy and happy. CBD Oil has opened up a whole new option for pet care and their owners.  

CBD Oil Benefits for Dogs

It is said that dogs have many of the same conditions that people have. Interestingly, dogs and humans have the same endogenous cannabinoid system. CBD acts by targeting these receptors that are located in the brain, organs, central nervous system, and immune cells that stimulate and present relaxing beneficial effects.

So for your dog with anxiety issues, CBD can provide them with a calming feeling. This can be helpful for the dog owner whose dog has such anxiety when the owner leaves and seems to engage in destructive behavior – like tearing up the new shoes you bought. However, just like people with pain issues, CBD can help dogs deal with their pain relief as well. Becoming a great option for other ailments that affect your dog.

Also, just like humans, our favorite companions can also get Cancer. When this happens, you’ll notice your dog will lose their appetites, become more prone to suffer inflammation and can even suffer from seizures. Even though CBD isn’t by any means a cure for Cancer, it can make the process easier on your dogs battle to beat the sickness by using CBD Oil for inflammation and boosting their appetites. It’s sad to see our dogs go through these health issues but it sure is comforting that there are more natural and holistic ways to deal with the issues.

Pure CBD Tincture

One of the best ways for your dog to ingest CBD is with a tincture that is specifically made for dogs. For example, Blue Moon Hemp has their Tru Blu Bacon CBD, which is exactly that. The tincture has a 30ml blend of Organic Cold Pressed Hemp oil with 250mg of CBD. The CBD is created with Nano-Technology and high-speed emulsion methods which create a micro-encapsulation of the molecules. The result is a greater bioavailability. This method leads to more efficiency, better absorption and gives it an increased effect. The bacon flavor is something that dogs have responded positively to. The ingredients are very simple, cold pressed virgin hemp seed oil, CBD, and natural flavors. Blue Moon CBD oil Tincture can be bought online for your convenience. As you see, CBD Oil for dogs in a tincture is a great natural alternative for man’s best friend.

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