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What Kind Of CBD Oil Products Can I Buy

Cannabidiol or CBD is becoming more popular in the health industry as a substitute for the more extreme cannabinoid THC. There are many options for the application of CBD oil such as e-liquids, tinctures, and gummies. Finding the right application of CBD can help get the desired effect from the product. Blue Moon Hemp can provide any of the following products for those looking to treat medical issues with CBD oil.

  • Tinctures
  • Pet Tinctures
  • E-Liquids
  • Shatter
  • Salves
  • Gummies


The liquid extracted from cannabis for CBD oil can be found in tinctures. Cannabidiol in the form of oil is much lower in concentration and the serving size can be more controlled. There is no psychoactive high resulting from CBD oil. The bottle of liquid is portable within a pocket, allowing for the easy access of pain or anxiety relief during any tough situation. The liquid can simply be dropped and kept under the tongue for a minute before swallowed and ingested into the bloodstream. It can also be put on food like salads and fruits as long as it isn’t cooked to preserve its potency.

Pet Tinctures

Animals can also benefit from the effects of CBD. Tinctures for pets differ from human tinctures in their potency. Pets with arthritis or anxiety can be given CBD for medicinal purposes. It is important to remember that THC intoxication can still occur when using too much CBD, and it is hard for a pet to communicate when they are not the one giving the serving size. Some signs of THC overdose are drooling, loss of motor skills, and anxiety.


The flavored juices used in vaporizing machines can also contain CBD. Tincture liquids process through the liver, but CBD e-liquids go to the lungs. There is no filter between the vaping method and the absorption of the chemical. CBD blocks the psychoactive aspect of THC which makes it a good supplement to THC treatment.


CBD shatter is a crystallized form of cannabidiol which resembles glass or a type of gemstone. This is isolated from the rest of the hemp which means it does not have the properties of the rest of the hemp plant. It is a purer form and is receptive of flavors.


Salves are made similarly to CBD shatters but have a more viscous, wax-like texture. They are used for topical application. People with joint, arthritis, and other types of body pain can apply CBD salves to the area and receive pain relief.


CBD-infused gummies can be a nice quick snack before going to bed to promote relaxation. They combine a mixture of all the plant’s compounds, not just the isolated CBD.

If any of these methods of CBD oil application look appealing, call Blue Moon Hemp at 888-223-0420 or visit our website. Our wide inventory of CBD products can provide something for many kinds of people.