Kratom Capsules

Blue Moon Hemp Kratom capsules are unrivaled in their quality and consistency. We source our Kratom from the finest producers in Southeast Asia using sustainable practices and Fair Trade policies. The Kratom powder used in our capsules is derived from the best leaves of the Mitragyna plant, cultivated and harvested at peak maturity by experienced farmhands. The Kratom used in our capsules is always:

  • Laboratory-tested for safety, quality, and consistency
  • 100% free of any additives, fillers, or chemicals
  • Fine Kratom powder harvested only from mature trees
  • Imported in small batches under Fair Trade policies
  • Shipped in air-tight, resealable packaging to preserve freshness

Our selection of Kratom capsules for sale feature some of our most popular strains; Red Malay, Green Malay and Red Vein Kratom strains, with each 0-size capsule containing finely ground, all-natural Kratom powder.

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Hear What Everyone is Saying


Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies

Love, love, love these!! They not only taste great, but I eat half of one in the morning before work and it keeps me pain and inflammation free until after I get home from work when I eat the other half! I’m back to my old self thanks to Blue Moon and ALL of their products!

– Amanda


Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oil Mango Vape Juice 1000mg

Blue moon has the best cbd products. I’ve only been a customer for a few months and have tried many products due to my illness and blue moon is hands down the only product out that truly works. Love that it is organic, that is a must for me. You will not be disappointed from any of their products. Blue moon truly saved my life.

– Jennifer


Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oil Natural Tincture 1000mg

I tried several different brands and this has worked the best for me. I first bought it for my father in law who was not well and he really felt it helped him, so I figured let me try it as well I have problems sleeping I’m so happy I did it really helped me with relaxing and definitely with my sleep.

– Yitzchok


Blue Moon Hemp CBD Topical Salve

This is my go-to cream for my foot pain during the day. I have stress-related nerve sensitivity in my feet, so this always helps. It is relatively sticky, though. I also use it on my neck, which really helps because I am constantly looking down at my computer during the day.

– Claire