Corene L. via Facebook “I vape this for stress, depression and anxiety. It’s amazing!!” - Corene, L.

Mike T. via Facebook “Absolutely love this, bought the half moon flan and it’s done wonders for me and my anxiety. Thank you!” - Mike, T.

Scott H. via Facebook “I have been using Blue Moon Hemp "Red Devil" for the past 20 days, with my doctor's supervision. I am no longer taking Motrin 4x day (for arthritis), T3 with COD, or Naproxen (for back pain), or Fiorinal for migraines! Thanks for such a really great product! I also love that there is no "Throat Hit" with your product!” - Scott, H.

Kevin G. via Facebook “I do not regret the choice to give Blue Moon Hemp a shot. I immediately felt less pain after the first usage. It is definitely making a difference with my knee and foot pain. I am hoping some of the other possible effects start to show over time, like helping my diabetes.” - Kevin, G.

Chris N. via Facebook “I started using this CBD oil about 2 weeks ago. I have a severe herniated disc L4-L5 as well as pretty bad anxiety. I'm constantly stressed and anxious. I started with the 500mg and within 24-48 hours I cut my ibuprofen consumption from 20 pills a day (or more) to 5-10 a day. My anxiety was super in check, and I was just chill, middle of the road good to go. I just got some 2000mg yesterday and man what a difference. 1-3 dropperfuls a day and I'm set.” - Chris, N.

Sebastian P. via Facebook “I would like to thank the owner of the company. In a vape expo in Medellin Colombia he gave me a free sample of the Creme Blue 250mg CBD Salve to help my mom with her Carpal Tunnel issues. I'm am incredibly impressed with this ointment, and so is my mom, she used it for less than a week and her pain is completely gone. She was wearing a wrist brace to help with the pain before using the cream... she doesn't need it anymore. Excellent product I recommend it 100%.” - Sebastian, P.

Ismaela R. via Facebook I was skeptical about the whole CBD thing but after doing my research I went with this brand and I am not disappointed! Works perfect for my anxiety!” - Ismaela, R.

Carrie H. via Facebook “I currently care for a 72 year old lady who has had a stroke 6 months ago. She has constant pain in her knees and arm on the paralyzed side. I rub the hurting joints and muscles with the rub and the pain is gone. It's a great product.” - Carrie, H.