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The Difference Between CBD and THC

Difference between CBD and THCTHC and CBD are two different extracts of the cannabis plant. While they have similar effects and are nearly identical in composition, their appearance in medical products like marijuana or CBD oil respectively ends up completely different. Understanding the different benefits and uses of each extract will help a person looking for the medicinal effect of cannabis to find their perfect solution.

What Is THC?

Both THC and CBD have benefits for people with anxiety, chronic pain, or cancer. THC gives a high effect that can distract someone from their pains but also from many other things. THC has some considerable long-term side effects such as impaired judgment and less control of their cognitive functions. There can be serious malformations in the heart and brain after chronic use of THC. Drowsiness or sleepiness can also occur after coming down from the high that THC gives. However, the more extreme nature of THC helps to treat more extreme conditions like anorexia nervosa.

What is CBD

CBD does not have a psychoactive component to it that makes the users experience a feeling of high that also impairs them. CBD actually has a non-psychoactive component that prevents the feeling of high. CBD oil takes many forms making it very versatile. It can even be used on pets who have anxiety, pain, or cancer. The only side effects of CBD include drowsiness, dry mouth, or low blood pressure.

Why CBD May Benefit Users More

There is a difficulty in dealing with the side effects of THC that render the potential benefits useless. If someone enters into medical THC treatment they will be impaired for any kind of activity that requires their full attention. So for someone who needs to treat their chronic pain which prevents them from doing their job, it becomes somewhat pointless if they need all of their attention to perform their job. So for the purpose of using these extracts to be able to perform one’s role or function in society, CBD has all of the benefits they need with none of the side effects that will simultaneously hurt them.

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