Have you given CBD topicals a try yet?  What many people don’t realize is that the unique nature of topical CBD products allows them to be useful in a totally different way from other hemp-based goods.  Topicals allow you to apply CBD directly to a problem area, providing that area with a super concentrated amount of hemp compounds that absorb quickly through the skin and permeate the muscle and joint tissue fast.

Blue Moon Hemp has created a CBD Salve, and we must say that it’s one of the most exceptional topicals on the market today.  This salve is made with a blend of carefully sourced ingredients, high-quality CBD and oils that benefit the skin directly.

Do you still need some convincing?  No problem.  First, however, let’s talk about how to use this stunning salve so that you can get as much out of it as possible.

How to Use Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salve

One of the great things about CBD topicals is how easy they are to use.  Simply scoop out the desired amount with your fingers, and massage deeply into the skin of the affected area until the product has absorbed.  You can use the topical multiple times a day as needed.

Five Reasons to Make Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salve Part of Your Wellness Routine

Now, let’s get into these reasons for why this topical product is a must-have for your hemp-based needs.

Reason #1: Made with Full Spectrum Hemp for the Entourage Effect

We’ve studied the hemp plant intensively, because the more we truly understand its properties and capabilities, the better we can formulate our products to ensure that they really do provide you with what you want out of CBD.  That’s why Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salve is made with full spectrum hemp extract. 

Full spectrum hemp extract refers to a hemp extract that naturally contains the complete spectrum of compounds found within the hemp plant, as they occur in nature.  Hemp has so much more than just CBD, although the CBD is, of course, important.  There are also loads of cannabinoids, as well as terpenes and flavonoids, which all boast their own useful properties.  When you apply full spectrum hemp to your body, you’re allowing absorption of all of those helpful compounds at once.  This also allows for the entourage effect to take place, which refers to the profound synergistic nature of these compounds when they’re all used together.

Reason #2: All-Natural

One of the best things about hemp is that it provides us with properties created by mother nature.  We believe that natural therapeutics are the way to go, as they are gentler on the body, and in some cases, more effective.  That’s why we made our CBD salve with all-natural ingredients.  You should have no trouble recognizing each ingredient when reading through the list.  Bottom line, we don’t need to use harsh chemicals to fill out our formulas.    

Reason #3: It’s Moisturizing

We tend to think of CBD salves as products intended for muscles and joints.  But they also need to be good for the skin.  Dry skin can lead to a host of problems, including irritation, inflammation and more.  Our CBD salve is extremely moisturizing, because we want your skin to really benefit from using this product regularly.  We use jojoba oil, which is one of the most hydrating plant-based ingredients known to man.  It doesn’t just leave your skin feeling incredibly soft, but it can soothe irritation by providing an ample amount of moisture that’s like therapy for the skin cells.

We also use extra virgin olive oil, vegetable oil, beeswax, and grape seed oil.  These four plant-derived ingredients are all known for not only moisturizing the skin but offering plant properties that calm it as well while replenishing it with nutrients that occur in nature. 

Reason #4: Uses a Blend of Therapeutic Plant Extracts

Many people have told us that our CBD salve provides more relief than most others that are on the market.  A big part of this has to do with the fact that CBD isn’t the only active ingredient in the formula.  We also use arnica and calendula extracts.  Arnica is an herbaceous perennial that is renowned for its pain-relieving properties when applied to the skin.  It quickly works through the skin to reach the affected tissue, offering its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties in high volumes.  Calendula is similar to arnica, boasting high anti-inflammatory activity that absorbs through the skin easily. 

These two ingredients, combined with CBD, allow an incredibly high volume of plant compounds to provide trouble areas with the properties that we seek out in nature for relief.  There is a synergistic effect to combining all three of these ingredients together, as well, which means that the product can be even more effective and fast-acting thanks to increased bioavailability, which refers to the ability that the compounds have to properly absorb into the body.

We’ve studied botanicals for years, because we know that there are many natural ingredients that can be combined with CBD to produce particular effects.  Therefore, our use of these additional ingredients comes from various studies as well as ancient medicinal practices. 

Reason #5: The CBD is as High in Quality as it Gets

Of course, the focus spotlight of our CBD salve is – you guessed it – CBD.  Our industry is growing at a faster pace than ever before thanks to its enormous popularity.  This means that there are lots of topical CBD products on the market, all competing for your money. 

However, the thing is that not all CBD products are created equally.  To produce a CBD product that’s effective, stable and as useful as possible, there are many practices that must be followed by a company, and many standards to adhere to.

BMH has gone above and beyond to make sure every CBD product being produced is as good as it gets.

  1. We start with organic hemp that’s free of the potentially toxic materials used by conventional farmers. 
  2. Then, we extract the compounds from the plant material using the CO2 process, which preserves the chemical structure and stability of the desirable compounds.
  3. Finally, the hemp is carefully tested by a third-party lab to verify that it lives up to our high standards.

Grab Blue Moon Hemp CBD Salve and See What All of the Hype is About

Blue Moon Hemp CBD salves provide your skin, muscles, and joints with a blend of cannabinoids and other hemp compounds, along with botanical ingredients known to provide fast relief.  It’s also a deeply moisturizing product that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.