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Discover why Blue Moon Hemp won “Best Hemp Company” at the 2019 Cannabis Business Awards. We offer CBD tinctures, topicals, edibles, sprays and more to help you find the best CBD product to enhance your wellness routine.


Plant-powered gummies. Botanical goodness you can taste.

BMH TRUBLUE Berry 1000mg Front


High-quality hemp extracts with naturally occurring CBD.

Topical Salves

Discover the power of CBD salves to support inflammation and muscle recovery.

Winner “Best Hemp Company”

2019 Cannabis Business Awards

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CBD Gummies w/Melatonin – 2oz 150mg

Size/Volume: 2 OZTotal CBD: 150 mgQuantity: Approx. 8 pieces $14.90

CBD Gummies – 12oz 500mg

Size/Volume: 12 OZTotal CBD: 500 mgQuantity: 70 pieces $39.00

TruBlu Berry – CBD Tincture 1000mg

Size/Volume: 30 MLTotal CBD: 1000 mgCBD/Serving: 33mg / 1 ML $59.00

TruBlu Natural – CBD Tincture 500mg

Size/Volume: 30 MLTotal CBD: 500 mgCBD/Serving: 17mg / 1 ML $39.00

TruBlu Bacon – CBD Dog Tincture 250mg

Size/Volume: 30 MLTotal CBD: 250 mgCBD/Serving: 8mg / 1 ML $19.00

TruBlu Peppermint – CBD Tincture 1000mg

Size/Volume: 30 MLTotal CBD: 1000 mgCBD/Serving: 33mg / 1 ML $59.00

CBD Salve Eucalyptus 500mg

Size/Volume: 2 OZTotal CBD: 500 mgCBD/Serving: 8mg / 1 ML $35.00

CBD Salve Limonene 1000mg

Size/Volume: 4 OZTotal CBD: 1000 mgCBD/Serving: 8mg / 1 ML $59.00

We believe that being healthy and well should be something that everyone can access, so we built Blue Moon Hemp with the mission to redefine what you know about hemp CBD.

  • Made in the USA Made in the USA
  • Max potency Max potency
  • 99.6% Pure CBD 99.6% Pure CBD
  • Quality first Quality first
  • Thoroughly tested Thoroughly tested
  • Natural ingredients Natural ingredients

CBD for Dogs and Cats

Blue Moon Hemp CBD is suitable for your furry friends too.

Discover CBD for pets and its beneficial properties to help keep them calm, support joint health and ease feelings of anxiety.

Wellness for Mind and Body


CBD may help you sleep better primarily because it eases conditions related to restlessness like pain, anxiety and inflammation.*


Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for achieving homeostasis. CBD acts in concert with your ECS to make your body work for you.*



Small servings of CBD may make you feel more alert and clear-headed. The restful sleep you can achieve also helps to improve your focus.*


Ingested CBD works with receptors in your brain to help control neuropathic pain, while topical solutions can help with sore muscles and inflamed joints.*


CBD may help you improve many anxiety-disorder symptoms, such as acute stress and depression, by boosting signaling to serotonin receptors.*



Your ECS plays a big role in maintaining gastrointestinal functions. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and hunger-signaling properties may help sustain a healthy gut.*

CBD & Good health

Maintain a clear mind and active lifestyle with Blue Moon CBD hemp oil! – Hemp oil extracts have traditionally been used around the globe as medicine. A large body of evidence has indicated that the benefits of CBD hemp oil may relieve various ailments. Blue Moon Hemp maintains the biochemical equilibrium within the hemp plants to maximize the beneficial effects of its organic CBD oil.

Our unique methods allow us to extract all the beneficial components of the hemp plant.


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“This stuff is great straight from the bottle.”

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