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Love this company

Your product is very well made...I continue to use your product because I know that it is going to work unlike a lot of other CBD brands.

CBD salve

Love the salve. I have nerve damage in my left leg. Definitely calms my nerve pain and getting a better nights sleep. Thank you.

Love CBD not a vaper

I'm one of the biggest fans of CBD and Blue Moon Hemp products because of the great success I have had with them for everything from sleep to pain. I was excited to try this new gasywr delivery method of getting CBD into my body. Let me start off by saying I don't smoke at all so this was a eye opening to the fact that I will never have smoking skills. Having had tried a puff or so off of the popular vapes I figured it was something like that? Fruity weightless vapor that would quickly put me to sleep or help with some pain. While it did do the trick by putting me to sleep and helped alleviate pain, the vaping method is certainly not for me. The pen while super easy to understand, use and operate, gave off an unpleasant vapor that burned these lungs right up or at least felt like it. The taste and quality of the vapor was not my favorite and therefore I will be going back to the capsules. Which by all means could just be me as my partner enjoys a vape and thought the CBD pen was perfectly fine. While it did exactly what it was designed to do this method is not for me. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys vaping, smoking or inhaling campfire smoke on a regular basis. This will be a great way for you to enjoy the many benefits of CBD. For me though imma stay in my lane which is the melatonin gummies and CBD capsules🤣 Love Blue Moon Hemp and all they offer while finding new ways to give its consumers their beloved CBD!

D8 CBD is great stuff.

The D8 CBD is excellent. It has helped me tremendously with aches and pains as well as with stress and anxiety. Blue Moon products and customer service is awesome.


Balances me out at the beginning of the day with great flavor

HHC works

I really like these HHC vapes because I don't have to worry about the law hemming me up.

The best!

I've tried several different products and Blue Moon is the best!

Best out there

I have tried several D8 D10 and HHC vapes and Blue Moon is by far the best and most consistent!


This is so good, I add a little to my delta 8 flower. It adds a special taste and "punch" a little goes a long way! I'm a repeat customer, very nice!

Love it

I've tried another company and wasn't pleased. This is relaxing and no unwanted effects!

THC-O Disposable Vape Sour Diesel

Beginning to work

I had neck pain and stiffness so severe I could not turn my head to the left. Old Military injury.

It took awhile but after my first bottle of 1000 MG CBD I can now turn my neck all the way both left and right and the pain has massively reduced.

Have to admit I didn't have a lot of faith in this working but was getting desperate for anything to work and it is working!

Thank you Blue Moon Hemp.

Hemp Gummies 500 MG

Your product is amazing ! My wife and I tried everything else medicly and over the counter. The gummies stand out about above all else . From a Disabled Veteran. Thank you for this ! Taking responsibly. Please keep these around !


Absolutely tremendous for anti inflammatory and pain relief. By far the best I’ve tried.

Blue Moon Gummies

When you been chasing sleep for the last 2yrs and these become your saving grace! 💤

Lasts a while and does the job

Taste could be a little better, but this little vape pen lasts a good while and gives me a nice CBD feel. Definitely worth it and a good product.

Super Chill Effect

Very calming and quite tasty!! Just super stoked on BMH’s quality; both in selection and delivery of product.

Very chill experience

I wanted to lose some ducks but still have a duck to give if I needed it, ya know? The D10 vape was a perfect fit for just that. A mellow lift that left me pleasantly functional.

Amazing product!

I had suffered from chronic anxiety shoulder pain from degenerative arthiritis. Having now used this product for 5+ years, both are gone! I have my life back!

Best we’ve ever tried!

My dog has a lot of anxiety issues especially with storms! These have worked wonderfully for our 4 legged princess!


Really relaxing and good for release of physics and mental stress

Has helped me

I suffer from multiple autoimmune disorders and severe neuropathy so I have trouble sleeping bc of pain. I take one at night and it helps take some tension and RLS symptoms to a tolerable level so I sleep a couple hours.

Delta 8

Helps me relax so I can sleep.

Blue Razz Delta 8 Gummies

These are great ! I recently cut back on drinking and these help me unwind or even take before going to a bar or party and They help me feel relaxed and still have a nice buzz going. Only reason I gave 4 stars is because it takes about and hour and half to 2 hours to kick in