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Knee pain

Just one dab, pain gone

I so love the tincture! Legit quality!


Finally a great cbd flower! Space candy is my favorite so far. The delivery is always quick despite other reviews. Thank you blue moon!

Happy but surprised

You used to sell 10mg gummies of this time. I liked that. A new "sativa" marking on the jar ... or else I wasn't expecting that. Gave me pause.

Love the flavor

It tastes just like grape Skittles

Magic Mushroom Pineapple Gummies 2000mg

Bacon flavored cbd for dogs

Bacon flavored cbd is great for my dog who’s getting up there in age! He loves the taste of the cbd and it definitely works helps his joints and bones.

Always satisfying

Can’t go wrong.

perfect effect

The gummies have just the relaxation benefit I was looking for

Helps with dog’s epilepsy

I have used the treats and oil in addition to my dog’s prescribed medications and it has definitely helped reduce the frequency of her seizures.

Live Comparison

This is a product that i can honestly say I would consider to be fully recommendable in regards to daily usage. Having tried a variety of different products from several different brands, Id personally rate this one a solid 8 out 10, for a quality product thats clean, efficient, and easy to use.

Love the product!

Really like the CBD gelcaps!

30 Count - CBD Gel Caps 25mg

To the moon!!

Blue Moon Hemp products are amazing!! The quality is top notch along with the customer service! I am on the other end of the county but there is no one else I will order from!

Blue moon

A good product, good prices and quality.


I enjoy many of Blue Moon products, but the Delta 8 Pre- Roll is tops in ease and convenience. Always handy, no muss, no fuss!

Great product

The taste was good and it lasted the right amount of time! Great product!

The real deal

Have been a customer for a while now and had pretty much settled on the moon rocks as being my go to. Tried the blue gushers and it doesn't disappoint!

Great product! I keep finding new aches to sooth with it and it works on all of them!
Thanks for making such a great product.


Always great flavor


The CBD gummies and the ones with melatonin are by far the best. Ever since I started using them I sleep so much better. Before I would only get about 2-3 hrs a night but since Blue Moon Hemp I get a full nights sleep

CBD products

Good,very good product it solve my pains and my anxiety.

Great product


Great product. I enjoy.


The pineapple mushroom gummies have a great taste and mellow feel. Great for chilling and relaxing.