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Works Great!

I am so glad we purchased this for our dog. She is getting old and only has 3 legs. This works great for helping her relax and stay mobile. We can see a difference if we miss a dose.

The best CBD we’ve tried

This stuff is perfect for our three dogs. The bottle lasts a while and it’s really good at keeping them calm and comfortable.


Timely, safe mailing. Product really eases ashiness. Will purchase again.

Excellent Product!

I love the CBD Gummies I received and it was such a good deal too. They are delicious and very helpful for my situation. Thank you Blue Moon Hemp for helping me to feel better!

My wife loves them!

I usually order a couple of these every 2-3 months for my wife. She needs a THC Free gummy (for your typical reason). She takes two every night to help her sleep, and also two or three when she gets neck or head aches. They seem to help her a lot, and that’s why we keep ordering more. 🙂

TruBlu Berry – CBD Tincture 2000mg

Archie loves it

My little,dog with sparthritis was limping despite taking Cosequin. Started him on your product and within days the limping stopped. Used up my supply and let it ride. After ten days he was limping again, somImordered some and after receiving, in four days he wasn’t limping. It definitely is making him more comfortable!

Excellent Overall

I’ve placed about 4-5 orders and every order has been easy to place and the products are outstanding. I really can’t find anything negative to say, especially considering the product cost is below average but the quality is very good. Overall excellent experience and highly recommended.

Very Satisfied

Smooth pull. Delicious flavor. Potent. I’ve tried many brands and this one delivers what you are looking for.


The life saver sour gummies are my favorites! All I need is one to knock me out.

Yummy blueberry flavor!

I really like the flavor and I like to use joy blend before bed. Makes me happy and have good dreams. My favorite live resin vape for all day is focus. It takes away my neck aches and migraines. I’ve never had anything work this well.

Excellent !

First time buyer here. This stuff hits hard. That’s a good thing right?

Calming Waves

Out of the two strains I ordered, Green Crack is my favorite 😍

effective and affordable

the cbd salve helps my sore muscles. It also smells great!

The best....

Great flavor, powerful long lasting focus throughout the day.

Great Vape

I love this vape, it makes it easy to relax after a long day! Highly recommend

Pens leaked

A decent product but the pens leak the rosin out the tip. Though two grams were put in the pen, I felt I only got a gram out, the rest wiped off the tip or my lip. I wont buy again and going back to flower

Smooth blend .....

Gave me focus and energy through the day.....
Great flavor all around.

My favorite blend ...

Love every detail of the product, great flavor and super focused blend ....

Mixed feelings...

Nice calm euphoria, however the vapor is extremely harsh on the exhale ....

Almost like a regular vape

The only reason I took a star away is because it gets clogged and when I unclog it, the stuff inside the disposable comes out and is very sticky.

Does a great job with easing anxiety

Give them to my mom who has Parkinsons and seems to do a great job easing her anxiety attacks she gets from time to time

D8 & CBD Tincture Natural 2000mg


Vaping CBD has been a much better experience than expected. Oral just does not do anything for me, but having nice, smooth & steady relief. The Kush is a bit earthy, but I like that! Will be back!