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Durban Poison

I’m so happy BMH has these. Quality & Potency at hand. Durban Poison was amazing. Felt like D9. Looking forward to more strains with great effects. Def helps anxiety. Geat Job. BMH

CBD Salve 1000mg

I first tried CremeBlu 500mg after a golf outing that left me a stiff and sore elbow. I bought a 2 oz container.(The smallest available) Within 2 minutes, I had regained full range of motion and MUCH less pain. Not all the pain went away, but it was noticeably diminished. So...I bought a 4 oz container. I told some friends about it, and let them try it. They were impressed. I bought some for my older sister for her knees. She loved it.
Since I have collected a lot of birthdays, I typically awaken with pain. Thus, I keep some by my bedside, in my office, and in my back pack. I was happy when the 1000mg salve became available. I continue to buy it because it works.

Cowdaddy Crush D8 Flower

1000 mg CBD tincture does the trick

Anecdotally from local customers I received information about this TRUBLU liquid dropper for dogs in a local CBD shop. Looked online and got it direct from Blue Moon Hemp and saved money. It is bacon-flavored, and we place drops on a chip, inside a piece of pizza crust or on a Milkbone. It is helping our fur baby find more comfort, she sleeps better, and is less anxious living with significant arthritis and torn ACLs.

Love 10/10

Love these gummies! 10/10

the product ha really helped me to get a good night sleep. I used to be up 3 and 4 times a night. Now I can sleep until 2-3 am roll over and go right back to sleep.


Outstanding results and very happy with the quality!!


Great Service!


Great Services!

Good Product

Got for my dad who has pain management issues. Tinctures more effective. He is feeling better while he also consults w/ his doctor. Blue Moon is great.

I take Blue Moon Hemp CBD gummies daily and get pain relief, anxiety relief, and insomnia relief from them.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Dog Treats, 350 mg/Salmon and Sweet Potato

We have been buying the Blue Moon Hemp CBD dog treats for our dog (10 year old Vizsla) for a few years now. They very obviously help with the pain/discomfort he has due to an arthritic shoulder and keep him relaxed. He loves the flavor, too!

Delta 8 eater gummies

Excellent tested great leaving me chilled & helps with pain

These gummies are fabulous!

I suffer from insomnia and nothing has been helping over the years. So I got these to help me sleep and they're perfect. Knock me out when I lay down and close my eyes. Probably with a stupid smile on my face... A nice little buzz is a plus and they taste great as well!

Beautiful Buds

The Sativa buds I received were beautiful. Big, green, seedless, tastes great! Ordered in the mail and it was delivered in 3 days!!!! So nice and easy and legal!!!!

Just what I need

Struggled with anxiety. BUBBA KUSH helps greatly good price and great quality.

D8 & CBD Tincture Wild Berry 2000mg

Excellent products

Every product that me and my friends have purchased have been above expectations. Would refer to anyone

Magic melon

Smooth taste no burn great stuff

A subtle effect and it lasts a long time

I use this on an as-needed basis. I rub it directly on the ankle and heel area where I have my former pinched nerve and surgery to help with it. I still have some residual nerve pain. Rubbing this on the area seems to alleviate the pain a little. For me it's not total pain relief, rather it's part of a multi-modal approach. And I don't seem to notice any side effects. The smell of this eucalyptus variant is nice and not overpowering. The product is thick and a little goes a long way. Still, I apply it very liberally.

Excellent product with small doses to tailor your amount

I have been using these gummies (and the CBD capsules) for s few months. I use the gummies for day time. They taste pretty good with only a minor after taste, which is expected considering they use oil.

I like the 7 mg dose so that I can really tailor the dose to my needs. I use 4 to 5 with my lunch which is a pretty small dose. I also take 2 of the 25 mg capsules at bedtime.

CBD has very mild effects for me. It helps promote a slight feeling of calmness and reduces my pinched nerve pain slightly. It's effects on me are very subtle. The lower dosage I use in the day plus any coffee I drink means no tiredness during the day. I do get a mild tiredness from the 50 mg of capsules I use before bed. No feeling of being high. No psychoactive effects whatsoever. No dissociative effects. No altered consciousness. No abnormal thinking. No GI upset.

Very easy

It's so easy to order. Have no complaints. I'm thinking about going up a little bit. I'm taking the 1000 right now


It has helped my knees rid of arthritis! It's unbelievable how my elbows,wrist and knees are freed of pain🤘🤘🤘and sleep 😴

Very effective product

I was apprehensive when I first considered taking these gummies, but they have proved to deliver the desired results. A subtle calming feeling comes on visits allows for peace and tranquility while allowing my thoughts and focus to be more enhanced.

Best tasting cart!!

This cart has by far the best flavor I’ve ever had!