Affiliate Marketing CBD Guidelines

A Guide for Blue Moon Hemp Affiliates 

General Terms 

“Affiliate” means any Person, including but not limited to any third-party marketer, who participates in an Affiliate Program.

“Affiliate Network” means any Person who provides another Person with Affiliates for an Affiliate Program or with whom any Person contracts as an Affiliate to promote any product, service, or program.

“Affiliate Program” means any arrangement under which any Blue Moon Hemp pays, or offers to pay, or provides, or offers to provide, any form of consideration to any third party, either directly or through an Affiliate Network (a) to provide any Blue Moon Hemp with, or refer to any Blue Moon Hemp, potential or actual customers; or (b) otherwise to market, advertise, or offer for sale any product, service, or program on behalf of Blue Moon Hemp.

Legal Guidelines

Appropriate Disclosure

Every affiliate needs to disclose the relationship and nature of the relationship it has with Blue Moon Hemp, the affiliate program. All affiliate program advertisements must be truthful and not misleading. All affiliate program disclosures must be clear and conspicuous.


  • Place disclosure with the ad message itself
  • Use simple and clear language
    • Simple explanations like “Affiliate Relationship with Blue Moon Hemp” are often enough if placed in a way that is hard to miss.
    • So are terms like “advertisement,” “ad,” and “sponsored” including “Blue Moon Hemp Sponsored,” “Blue Moon Hemp Partner,” or “Blue Moon Hemp Affiliate”
  • The disclosure should be in the same language as the endorsement itself
  • If the endorsement is in a picture on a platform like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, superimpose the disclosure over the picture and make sure viewers have enough time to notice and read it
  • If making an endorsement in a live stream, the disclosure should be repeated periodically so viewers who only see part of the stream will get the disclosure
  • If making an endorsement in a video, the disclosure should be in the video and not just in the description uploaded with the video.
  • Talk about an experience personally had


  • Assume consumers know about the affiliate program and Blue Moon Hemp’s relationship to the affiliate
  • Mix your disclosure into a group of hashtags or links
  • If making an endorsement in a video, the disclosure should not just in the description uploaded with the video.
  • Use vague or confusing terms like “sp,” “spon,” or “collab,” or stand-alone terms like “thanks” or “ambassador,” and stay away from other abbreviations and shorthand.
  • Make up claims about a product that would require proof that Blue Moon Hemp doesn’t have – such as scientific proof that a product can treat a health condition

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