When we think of a cannabis user, we think of late night munchies and then going to sleep right after. These habits can lead to excess weight gain. Though we think this, some statistics have proven that cannabis users are not susceptible to being overweight. This may be due to the lifestyles that counteract these habits. Hemp oil is one of the uses of cannabis that, unlike THC, does not give the munchies. It may be helpful in giving the benefits of cannabis without the side effects of becoming high or increased appetite. Cannabis also has the potential to create lower insulin resistance in the human body, which means glucose is processed more quickly in the blood and less risk of developing Type ll Diabetes.

Studies In Cannabis Use

University Laval in Quebec Canada surveyed 786 members of an Inuit community who reported a high incidence of cannabis use. Researchers found that cannabis users within the tribe had a lower body mass index and a lower body fat percentage than those who did not use cannabis. While this is not conclusive that hemp oil usage can have the same effect on humans in normal society, it does suggest that the use of hemp oil along with other practices can help.

According to Murray Mittleman, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, cannabis smokers had lower fasting insulin levels and appeared to be less resistant to the insulin produced by their body. Insulin is the hormone that processes glucose to maintain normal blood sugar levels. There is also an effect of cannabis on carbohydrate metabolism, making carbohydrates process more efficiently.

Another study by the University of Miami surveyed 8,500 people between the ages of 20 and 59, suggesting that regular cannabis users had lower blood sugar levels and less abdominal fat. All of these are factors in the risk of obesity, Type II Diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease. The question is whether CBD oil provides the same effects as all other forms of cannabis and does the research really mean what it suggests.

Does CBD Oil Really Help Weight Loss

While there is a correlation between hemp usage and lowered weight and increased insulin, beginning to take CBD oil products may not yield the intended results. All of the studies have been done on long-time users. The Inuit people include it in their lifestyle. Regular hemp users include it in their lifestyle. Starting to use hemp to retroactively lose weight or cure diabetes seems uncharacteristic of the circumstances of these experiments. A carbohydrate metabolism will not lose fat, but it will process more carbs into energy to prevent excess storage. Along with exercise and better eating habits, it may be effective. In other words, hemp oil products can supplement a lifestyle change to losing weight, but they are not the sole ingredient in reaching that goal.

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