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60-Day Cookie

If a user comes from your website or social media page to, and then purchases anytime within 60-days, you get commission on the sale(s).

Affiliate Program Rules

As a leader in the CBD industry, we hold all of our affiliates to the same standards we hold ourselves.

Please download and review our affiliate
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Blue Moon Hemp is now offering one of the most advanced affiliate marketing programs in the industry! You have the opportunity to share the products you love while earning commissions on referral traffic you send to

Discover this opportunity by applying to our affiliate program through the APPLY NOW button below. Please fill out the application by providing as much information about yourself or your company and then allow us 3-7 business days to review your application. Once approved you’ll get to spread the word, share your referral link, and earn commissions! It’s as simple as that!

Please note: We ask that you read the Terms & Conditions and our Affiliate Guide prior to officially applying to our affiliate program.

Common Questions

How does it work?

When you join our Affiliate Program, you will have access to a range of banners and unique tracking links that can be placed within your website, blog, social media posts, email or more. When a user clicks on one of those unique links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our platform.

For each sale made through your links, a commission will be earned based on your specific commission level. Commission levels increase in accordance with total number of sales and will be paid according to your own commission level.

How much do I get paid and when?

  • Commissions start at 20% of sales.
  • All sales you make are tracked for 60 days.
  • Payments are made monthly net 60 for the previous month.
  • We pay commissions the 1st day of each month via money transfer to your bank account when your commissions have reached at least $100.

What are the average earnings?

As with everything on the internet, EPCs (Earnings Per Click) and Revenue will vary by traffic source, as well as your customer or reader base, and overall user intent to purchase. But to help answer this question, our Average Order Value is typically $100+, conversion rates are typically between 15%-30%, again depending on your traffic and which page you are linking to. You may be wondering: how do people hit that higher-end? By driving quality traffic via your Unique Tracking Link to the Blue Moon Hemp website. We have more than 80 different products that span multiple categories – you’re sure to find at least a few that your audience will love.

What does cookie duration mean?

Cookie duration is another common question. This basically refers to how long the activity of a user is tracked. Blue Moon Hemp’s default cookie duration is 60 days. When a user clicks on one of your unique links, our platform will add a cookie to their browser and this allows for their activity to be tracked. Anytime that user places an order on our website within the 60 days, you get a commission.