CBD Products For Sale in Florida

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is an active ingredient of the cannabis extracted as powder or oil from hemp plants. However, there is another drug from the Cannabis sativa called marijuana which is notorious to bring illicit sedative effects. Don’t you hear the phrase “getting high” being tossed around casually with marijuana?

You must have.

What is the difference between CBD and Marijuana?

Usually, CBD and marijuana are often confused with each other. Stemming from one plant genus, they might be called cousin-compounds but they have two separate active ingredients defining their influence on the human body. The former includes a Cannabidiol component, whereas the latter has a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound.

Unlike marijuana, CBD products are touted to have tested as a natural ailment to many medical complications. As a result of this excellent discovery, the markets are abuzz with CBD supplements being manufactured in many states as a lawful consumption.

What are the CBD Products?

Once extracted, the CBD oil or powder is mixed with various mediums to be used in multiple ways. With successful results confirming CBD as a natural pain-reliever, industries are actively manufacturing creams, gels, gummies, salves, oil tinctures, and even edibles (CBD brownies!) to meet the demand.

However, CBD oil is yet to become globally legal. Under President Trump’s regulations, the cropping, sale, and purchase of hemp and hemp-derived CBD oil is lawful on a federal in the United States, but ironically, has yet to pass through the state laws. Hemp-derived CBD oil is extracted from the seeds and stalks of the industrial hemp, mixed with terpenes and cannabinoids. They have as little as 0.3% THC in them. While still not completely authorized to treat medical conditions except for special licensing in some states, CBD products are eagerly used for general purposes everywhere.

1. CBD Gummies

Gummies are the best way to consume CBD if you have a love for the flavor. With countless CBD brands emerging every year, gummies are a sweet and tasty supplement to enjoy the effects of Cannabidiol. Compared to other topical and vaping methods, oral ingestion delivers the slowest effect as it takes a while to be absorbed into the blood. Therefore, you can toss CBD edibles like gummies, capsule, or baked food to chew on and enjoy the natural flavor as it brings a gradual onset of relief.

For a CBD-user, there are certain things to look at before you buy a CBD product off the shelf, such as the doses, the warning label, batch number, additives, and a quality assurance stamp. Blue Moon Hemp feature plant-powdered CBD gummies with nutraceutical blend that are FDA registered and does not include additives. They are safe for consumption, completely natural, and traceable from its manufacturing to preservation. The next time you pull a muscle, pop in a gummy to chew on tasty bites for an effective treatment.

2. CBD Salves

Like a cream, gel, or other topical application, salves are the best way to bring instant relief. It promotes healing, soothes the muscles, and nourishes the skin promptly as you apply a layer of the CBD salve on the area of injury.

Since topical consumption is marginally safer as it is, CBD salves are a popular antidote. Companies producing the balms find it cost-effective and easier to manage as the ointments barely breach the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Slathering a layer of the CBD salve can help you bring relief to the inflammation by analgesic action. Cannabidiol blocks pain receptors or interrupts the brain’s interpretation of the pain signals.

3. CBD Oil Tinctures

First things first – there is a fine difference between CBD oil and CBD oil tinctures. The latter product has an alcoholic base whereas simple CBD oil is an oil carrier. Unlike CBD oil, tinctures made out of CBD can be used diversely such as topping on a smoothie, or straight to your tongue. They deliver relief in half an hour of consumption which is so far the fastest if we wish to compare.

Oil tinctures are a concentrated form of CBD and are available in a variety of flavors. Peppermint, Berry, and Natural Flavor are best-selling at Blue Moon Hemp, which manufactures CBD oil tinctures out of the whole hemp plant. Therefore, the extract includes numerous beneficial compounds that are pure, consistent, and have naturally occurring ingredients.

What are the Benefits of CBD?

Before we move on to the list, the principal benefit of CBD is that it is non-psychoactive. Consumers can intake CBD to reap its health benefits without breaching health and safety regulations or the FDA.

Cannabidiol is primarily tested to treat internalizing disorders such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is also shown to have cured insomnia. Moreover, scientific evidence shows that CBD consumption can effectively medicate childhood epilepsy syndromes. These include Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. The cannabinoid is a potent antidote for reducing and stopping seizures as compared to other anti-seizure medications.

For patients suffering from chronic pain and arthritis, CBD application has an analgesic mode of action and has a powerful therapeutic effect. The lesser-known and under-testing CBD oil effects include helping with neurodegenerative disorders, treating acne by managing the activity of sebaceous glands, and potentially alleviating cancer symptoms. The latter benefit, however, is still in its early stages.

Are there any Side Effects?

Compared to the perks of CBD consumption, the side effects are relatively minor and can be ignored. Like any other supplement entering the bloodstream for the first time, users can experience certain dizziness, headache, or low blood pressure. Adjusting to the drug takes some time and minor withdrawal symptoms can occur on CBD pull-out. Except for that, CBD products are best for pain-relieving activity.

A fun fact about CBD products is that it is safe and beneficial to consume for pets even, as is with humans. So, you can now get one of the CBD biscuits to let your pup get healthier with a CBD daily dose.