CBD Sleep Products

Our CBD sleep products act as an alternative sleep aid by combining high-quality CBD and the natural benefits of Melatonin. Choose from our popular CBD Tinctures or CBD Gummies and enjoy a new approach to better sleep.  Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and improve quality of sleep. *

CBD Gummies w/ Melatonin – 6oz 250mg

Size/Volume: 6 OZTotal CBD: 250 mgCBD/Serving: 10mgQuantity: 25 pieces

CBD Gummies w/ Melatonin – 12oz 500mg

Size/Volume: 12 OZTotal CBD: 500 mgCBD/Serving: 10mgQuantity: 50 pieces

CBD Gummies w/Melatonin – 2oz 150mg

Size/Volume: 2 OZTotal CBD: 150 mgCBD/Serving: 18mg (approx.)Quantity: Approx. 8 pieces

30 Count – CBD Gel Caps 25mg

Total CBD: 750 mgCBD/Serving: 25mgQuantity: 30

Better Sleep

Sleep is a central part of your health, and yet for many of us, good, consistent sleep can feel completely out of reach! If you’re tossing and turning all night long, you’re not alone. Studies show that people are struggling with unprecedented levels of stress and sleeplessness.

Because better sleep is connected to a good mood, more energy, mental clarity and physical health, you owe yourself the best night’s sleep you can get! Luckily, Blue Moon Hemp has a comprehensive sleep line of products for you to chose from.