The recent rise in reports of illness and death related to Vaping have created an understandable increase in public awareness, lots of questions regarding vaping, health and safety issues. It is important in this time of heightened anxiety and sensitivity to take a moment and carefully examine the underlying facts surrounding this controversy.

First, in a briefing this past Friday, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported these cases are NOT tied to a specific product or brand. The vast majority of victims stated using cartridges containing THC. In the most cases, these products are counterfeit or purchased on the black market in an illegal fashion. One common ingredient seems to be Vitamin E. While safe when used topically of in a liquid capsule form, Vitamin E may be HARMFUL when vaped. Often used as an inexpensive “cutting” agent for THC oils, it can cause irritation and possible infection in the lungs, resulting in severe respiratory illness which requires immediate medical treatment. Left unattended, it can lead to water in the lungs and serious outcomes up to and including death. As unfortunate as this is, it is important that we educate our consumers on our CBD vaping products to avoid confusion and fear.

First and foremost, you must trust the source you are buying from. At Blue Moon Hemp, we use only all plant-based materials. This includes Organic, Non-GMO Palm Kernel Oil and a Non-GMO Corn based Propylene Glycol. Our FDA approved food compound flavors and Pure CBD isolate. Second, all of our products are sent out for 3rd Party testing. These results are readily available by scanning the QR Code on the label and/ or visiting our website TRUST WHAT IS ON THE LABEL IS IN THE BOTTLE!!!

Please be careful in your purchasing decisions. We have sold 1,000,000+ bottles without any incident whatsoever. CBD has changed many lives for the better and we are proponents of vaping as a way to consume. All of our products contain NO TOBACCO or NICOTINE. Please stay informed and know that with Blue Moon Hemp you are purchasing a brand you can trust.