Cannabidiol or CBD is an alternative hemp product to THC or marijuana because of its similar effects in treating anxiety, sleep disorders, and chronic pain. Methods have been invented to make this variant safer and more effective for treatment such as CBD shatters. The main benefit to CBD in any form is that it is legal because it is non-psychoactive. This also means that it can be used for everyday issues that require persons to be sober while also receiving the benefits.

What Is CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is made from CBD isolate. CBD isolate separates the cannabidiol from the other elements of the hemp plant. THC and other materials found in the hemp plant can be toxic or psychoactive. Removing these from the equation gets a purer form of the cannabidiol.

Once it has been purified, the CBD can be used as an ingredient in cooking shatters. Terpenes or the natural unsaturated hydrocarbons found in plant oils can receive the CBD isolate when heated together. Because CBD is not psychoactive like THC, CBD shatter effects should not get the person high. A well-isolated shatter should contain absolutely no THC, so it is important to order from Blue Moon where all of our hemp products are of the highest quality.

Shatters are more advanced than waxes but are also very similar. After the isolated material gets exposed to the CBD while cooking, it hardens into a crystalline form. While appearing like a wax, shatters are much more stable in structure. They can be compared to a brittle texture. This means they degrade slower and keep their potency.

How Does One Receive the CBD Shatter Effects

The extraction of CBD shatter is done through a pipe or dabbing rig. Simply putting a few shards of shatter on the nail will be enough to ignite. Then inhale as much of the smoke from the mouthpiece as possible. A dab rig is much more potent than a joint or vape. The combination of a pure form of CBD shatter with the most concentrated method of smoking creates the strongest application that one can have from CBD. This is great for people with harsh chronic pain or pronounced anxiety.

Because CBD shatters are made from oil, they leave behind no plant fibers that create a mess in the rig. It is the purest experience of cannabidiol. Many people use it to be able to function in their daily routine. This is simply the best way to receive the benefit of calming down anxiety or relieving pain without the side effects of THC. Call Blue Moon Hemp at 888-223-0420 now to start taking advantage of the power of CBD shatter or other hemp products.