If you are new to the world of cannabis or just beginning to start your CBD journey to wellness for many conditions, you may have heard about CBD concentrate shatter. One of the main questions that always seems to be popular, however, is what is CBD concentrate shatter and is it legal to buy? To better answer these questions, it’s best to first understand what the product is and how it’s made. 

What is CBD Concentrate Shatter?

Shatter is a pure form of CBD. It is made from the hemp plant where only pure CBD is extracted. When it is produced, it looks something like glass and is similar to rock candy in appearance and texture. Shatter is considered to be the most potent and it can be consumed safely and effectively. One of the reasons people like pure CBD shatter is that it offers a quick way to ease pain and or anxiety because of the purest and the high concentration of CBD.

It can quickly calm and relax you so you can go about your daily routine. CBD Concentrate Shatter does not contain psychoactive cannabinoid THC, therefore you will not get high at all. This is especially enticing for those who want to experience the benefits of CBD and not be concerned about if it will affect them in a way that could cause them to be out of sorts in some way.

Is CBD Concentrate Shatter Legal?

CBD shatter then is mostly legal in all states because of the fact it has no THC. Therefore you can purchase CBD shatter with confidence. THC is the ingredient that does make it illegal except for in the many states that have now legalized Marijuana. CBD has become more and more popular for people seeking the medical benefits it can provide. What’s so great about CBD is the fact that many people can have a safe and non-addictive way to help with pain, anxiety and even sleep issues.

Those who want to go the more natural approach and have severe anxiety or unrelenting pain can try shatter or even wax. Shatter and or wax are more potent than CBD oils so they can find relief quicker, and because of the potency, you won’t have to use much to get your desired result. The way to use shatter is by dabbing. It only takes a very small amount but you are sure to experience relief.

CBD Wax vs. CBD Shatter

There is another concentrate that is closely related to shatter, it is called CBD wax. CBD wax is produced in a similar way as CBD shatter, although it is not as hard as it. CBD wax actually has a soft consistency like candle wax and in its appearance, it looks similar to creamy butter. It does not have the transparency as shatter. Some like the wax because it is easy to work with and easier to break apart.

Legal CBD Wax

Buying either CBD wax or CBD shatter is up to the customer with whichever they prefer. Trying both is not uncommon for people and then from there, they decide which one best works for them. Again, because CBD wax is also produced with only CBD from the hemp plant it too is mostly legal in most states to purchase. There are so many online stores to choose from as well as finding these products in dispensaries stores all around.

Buying CBD Shatter

The Blue Moon Hemp online store is a great place to start. Shop their shatter with great confidence that it is 99.6 percent pure. That means using Blue Moon Shatter you are getting the very best shatter, as well as the purest form of shatter. The shatter comes in a variety of flavors for your convenience and preference. There is a Blueberry flavor Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel or Sativa AK47. You can buy the CBD shatter in a canister that has 1 gram of CBD shatter or in a canister with 0.5 gram of CBD shatter. The prices for the different sizes are 39.00 for the 0.5 and 69.00 for the 1 gram canister.

CBD Wax Effects

What kind of effects can you experience from CBD shatter or wax? You can expect to have similar effects from shatter or wax as you would any form of CBD products. Although, if you are using CBD shatter or wax you get more of a quicker result due to the potency of the two products. Also, if you suffer from the more severe side of anxiety or pain CBD shatter or wax would be an option for you as it does give an instant relief for most. 


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