Recovery Gift Set


Weave CBD-supported wellness into your daily workout routine this season with our holiday Recovery Gift Set. Any athlete will tell you that good sleep and active recovery are crucial to any fitness regimen. That’s why we created the Recovery Set: a perfect pair of sleep support and muscle relief to help you feel recharged before your next workout.

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The Recovery Gift Set

A curated collection of essentials to comfort, ease and restore after the long day is done. Featuring our extra strength topical salve for soothing comfort and our delicious CBD gummies with Melatonin for good restful sleep.

Included in this Bundle:
  • TruBlu Berry CBD Tincture 2000mg

    A delicious berry flavored tincture in a higher strength

  • CBD Gummies w/Melatonin – 2oz 150mg

    CBD + Melatonin so you can fall asleep and stay asleep

  • CBD Salve Eucalyptus 1000mg

    Cool relief for your achy muscles & joints

  • Delta 8 Gel Caps 30Ct

    Increase energy and mental well-being


Maintain healthy sleep cycles*

Fall asleep and stay asleep*

Support a sense of calm and focus*

Manage everyday stresses*

Recovery from exercise-induced inflammation*

Cbd Gifts For Stress & Relaxation

Holiday decorations, elaborate meals, and lots of family make this time of year special. And exhausting. Give the gift of wellness from Blue Moon Hemp. Our gummies, oils and topicals will help everyone have a great holiday.

Customer Reviews

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Oma M.
Blue Moon really works👍🥰

I’m employed at a local smoke shop. We not only sell smokes, but we sell 5 different brands of CBD products. The product that out paces most others is Blue Moon.

I never knew of these products before. I can honestly say I had no preconceived notions or bias. I had to learn from my fellow associates and customers. All of which were and are wonderful and patient teachers.

Getting back on point; The customers plagued with pain, those recovering from a stroke, PTSD, anxiety, etc., tell how and why they choose their products, and how they work for their individual bodies.

I was really convinced when the best friend of my daughter found she had stage 3 cancer. The extreme pain racked her body, and no amount of medication reduced that pain. I made it my task to ask my customers with cancer (in the confines of HIPPA), if they could help me learn what I should bring to my daughters best friend (37 years old) to help her. They all said Gummies. They melt in the mouth easily, especially those with dry mouth caused by chemo, radiation, and prescribed drugs. They told me the mgs to start with and learn the response from there.

It helped! I was convinced! I only wished this was available for my husband 8 years ago for my husband who died of cancer.

Moving on, some people can only take a very little, and others increase to their needs. I found every person’s body responds differently.

As for me I tried the salve, or rub as I call it. My lower back is a real pain! But the salve knocks it done to a dull roar.

Trumps 2018 Farm Bill made all possible to help people get off opiates prescribed by medical professionals. Thank you for this Prez! A lot of people I have found don’t know about the Farm Bill, neither do more than half of the law enforcement agencies. Reading is fundamental don’t cha-know 🥰

Use your own decrement, investigate, learn, and more importantly, ask those around you having difficulty with their health.

By the way, no person, nor company put me up to writing this commentary. Just a widow, mom, and grandmother passing on what I learned from reading and listening to others.

Good job Blue Moon. Keep up the good work! Most sincerely and thankfully,
Mrs. F. McPherson