THC-A Purpa Rain Disposable Vape


Introducing Purpa Rain THCA disposables, a revolution in cannabis consumption. Crafted with precision and expertise, these disposables offer a pure, potent experience like no other. Derived from top-shelf cannabis strains and processed to perfection, Purpa Rain THCA disposables deliver the highest quality without compromise. Each puff embodies the essence of premium cannabis, encapsulating the full spectrum of flavors and effects. With sleek design and convenient portability, they fit seamlessly into any lifestyle, providing on-the-go relief and relaxation. Whether you seek euphoric highs or soothing relief, Purpa Rain THCA disposables cater to your every need. Elevate your cannabis experience with the pinnacle of purity and potency.


Strain: Indica

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Crafting our THCA disposables is a meticulous process, ensuring unparalleled purity and potency. It begins with hand-selected, premium cannabis strains, chosen for their exceptional quality and cannabinoid profile. These buds undergo a precise extraction process, carefully extracting the raw THCA while preserving the plant’s natural terpenes and flavonoids. The extracted THCa is then refined and purified to eliminate impurities, resulting in a pristine concentrate of unparalleled clarity. This high-quality THCA concentrate is then infused into our disposable devices, where it awaits to deliver its full spectrum of effects with every puff. From cultivation to extraction to infusion, our process prioritizes quality and precision, ensuring that each Purpa Rain THCA disposable offers a premium cannabis experience unlike any other.

THCA Disposable Vape Highlights
  • Rechargeable Disposable Vape Pen can be charged using a micro-USB-B (not included).
  • Sleek Black Design
  • 100% Natural & Hemp-derived

This is a very pure and concentrated vape product. It is robust to those not accustomed to concentrated cannabinoid products. Additionally, THCA is a powerful cannabinoid and will create a noticeable effect. Take small, measured puffs. Do not exceed 3 seconds per puff.


  • 1 Full Grams of Purpa Rain
  • 50% Liquid Diamonds 50% Live Resin


Our THCA disposable vapes come with a battery pre-attached then inhaling with lips around the mouthpiece. Requires no maintenance or preparation to use. Keep at room temperature and upright to prevent leaking. Keep out of sunlight and in a cool, dark place for the longest life of the product. The product may go bad or lose its potency if subjected to extreme heat or sunlight for long periods.

WARNING: DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE ANY MACHINERY WHILE USING THIS PRODUCT. Consult a physician before using this product. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions. Must be 21 years or older to purchase or use. Must be legal in your state or territory to purchase or use.

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