CBD is playing an increasingly important role in our society for health and wellness. The positive results that people are experiencing have resulted in many manufacturers deciding to develop high-quality products in many different forms for the consumer to use and administer. CBD dabs are strong concentrates that have become pretty popular. Dabbing is popular in America and the growing knowledge and interest of dabbing are spreading around the world as well.

CBD dabs do not get you high so you will be in your right mind as you feel the benefits of this type of use. One of the greatest benefits is that you get the purest form of CBD which is more effective for you. So, what is dabbing and is CBD dabs safe? Dabbing is basically the use of CBD or other medicinal herbs through some sort of an inhaling instrument called a dab rig. They look a lot like bongs but it does not have a bowl to hold the flower, they include a heating element to vaporize the CBD dabs. Dabs usually come in the form of a wax, budder, shatter and crumble. Each one comes in different forms, textures, and consistency, which provides a slightly different taste and effect.

Many users find dabbing beneficial because you can feel the effects more quickly, and for some users immediately. Dabbing does offer a more efficient pathway for benefiting your mind and body. For new users dabbing may feel a bit intimidating because of the device used but it does give them a great way to get CBD in there system quickly, which for some could be the number one reason to try dabbing. As far as safety, there are some misconceptions about dabbing.

One myth is that it is dangerous, but what it boils down to is the quality of your product. Purchasing from a well known trustworthy company is important. Don’t buy from amateur makers or shady sites. These sites may potentially sell their product having dangerous residual chemicals from their extraction process. Few other myths are that dabbing gets you high but that is only true if you dab a product that has THC in it and the other myth that you hear is the device you use can be dangerous. This, of course, can be a potential issue if you smoke from a self-made rig or an unsafe rig. This is also why it’s very important to know and trust where you buy the CBD dabs as well as the dab rig.

Shatter CBD Dabs

As mentioned above, shatter dabs is one form to use for dabbing to get your CBD daily. When you think of the word “shatter” you can imagine what shatter can be like, it is a form that does actually shatter when you drop the final product after making it. Shatter has a reputation as the cleanest and purest type of concentrate. It has a transparent amber appearance that tends to look glossy when cold and when it is warm it’s like thick honey.

The color of shatter is like that of honey that you buy in stores. The best quality of shatter will be a golden yellow color. If the shatter is darker in color it would mean it could have impurities mixed in. When choosing your shatter to keep that in mind as you want to have the purest forms for your well being. Many users like shatter for dabbing because it’s an easy way to chill and relax without getting high or being out of sorts in their mind. There are many different types of CBD shatter flavor strains to purchase. There are some popular shatter flavors to try like Pineapple Express and Sour Diesel. Of course, you can find other flavors as well when you search online.

How Much Is a Gram of CBD Dabs

Looking to purchase dabs and wondering how much it could cost you? By searching the web you can find that the average cost of good quality dabs can be bought between 50 to 100 dollars depending on how they are made. You can purchase them in half gram size from some companies as well. Finding a reputable company is a top priority for the consumer. It is very important to research the company and their products before you buy. Blue Moon Hemp is a place to start. You can find out more about Blue Moon Hemp by visiting the online store. Remember, when dabbing it will also cost to buy the device that you need as well.


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