hemp oilA Cornell University study has found that a product made with hemp oil is helpful in treating dogs, and especially old dogs, for pain.

The eight month study of soft chews made by ElleVet showed the chews helped dogs with arthritis and related aches and pains. Ganjapreneur reports:

According to a press release announcing the study’s results, more than 80 percent of dogs who used ElleVet Mobility soft chews saw a dramatic improvement. Vets who worked on the study called the product “a game changer that will change the face of veterinary medicine.”

Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, an associate professor and Cornell and veterinarian who led the study, wrote a letter to the veterinarian community endorsing the product, adding that, due to the “very promising initial results” the researchers will continue working with ElleVet Mobility to examine whether it can treat post-surgical and oncology pain.

The Cornell, ElleVet partnership is also conducting a study on a hemp oil product for cats known as ElleVet Feline.

The Cornell study is part of a trend. Pet owners are finding hemp oil products can help pets with maladies, and companies are developing products to meet those needs.

Marijuana Business Daily reports:

Pet owners have been using cannabis products to treat their animals for years, primarily because CBD products deliver therapeutic value without intoxication.

“Pets are the perfect patients for CBD,” said Alicia Whitt, a CBD sales specialist for Functional Remedies, a Boulder, Colorado, company that sells CBD oils in more than 100 pet stores.

“With pets, there’s no placebo effect, because pets have no idea what you’re giving them and what it’s supposed to do. It either works or it doesn’t.”

Combine the staggering amount of money being spent with overwhelming anecdotal evidence that dogs and cats respond well to cannabis therapies, and it makes sense that the marijuana industry is seeing a flood of new pet products.

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  1. Tian says:

    Neil- the true criminals are the ones who made marihuana illegally illegal in the first place- a smokescreen to eliminate Hemp so that DuPont could manufacture synthetic fabricsan industry that polluted rivers, streams etc. Big Pharma will control medical GMO marihuana, and it will then have a long list of side effects similar to all advertised(& unadvertised) pharmaceuticals. It will most likely actually make people sicker. Education is the only way to help things change. The Emerald Triangle needs to step up and create Hemp paper mills, Hemp cement factories, Hemp oil, Hemp seeds businesses. HSU needs to set up a research department to study the effects of long term marihuana use before all the old timers are gone! Our economy on the Northcoast could be really successful with Hemp industry. Probably fun too!

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