CBD for Pets

Blue Moon Hemp CBD for Pets was designed with your dog’s best life in mind. Want to help keep your dog calm and relaxed? Promote healthy hips and joints?  Our pet drops are perfect for thunderstorms, trips to the vet, aging-related challenges, and when other sources of stress emerge. Offer your pet CBD Tincture when a little extra support is needed or reward them with a delicious salmon and sweet potato CBD Treat.

Here at Blue Moon Hemp, we care for our furry friends the same way we care for our family, with complete dedication and a whole lot of love. We offer a premium selection of CBD oil for pets. These blends of hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts deliver high bioavailability, meaning your pet’s body can use the CBD quickly and efficiently. Share a caring moment with your pet by adding these oils to your pets food or treats.

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CBD Dog Treats 350mg

Size/Volume: 8 OZTotal CBD: 350 mgCBD/Serving: 8.3 mgQuantity: 44 pieces

CBD Dog Treats 100mg

Size/Volume: 2 OZTotal CBD: 100 mgCBD/Serving: 8.3 mgQuantity: 12 pieces

TruBlu Bacon – CBD Dog Tincture 1000mg

Size/Volume: 30 MLTotal CBD: 1000 mgCBD/Serving: 33mg / 1 ML

TruBlu Bacon – CBD Dog Tincture 500mg

Size/Volume: 30 MLTotal CBD: 500 mgCBD/Serving: 17mg / 1 ML

TruBlu Bacon – CBD Dog Tincture 250mg

Size/Volume: 30 MLTotal CBD: 250 mgCBD/Serving: 8mg / 1 ML

From Seed to Sale, From Plant to Pet

We view our pets as equal members of the family, and to us, that means providing them with products that may help support them in living a happy and comfortable life.

TruBlu Bluefin Tuna – CBD Cat Tincture 250mg

Size/Volume: 30 MLTotal CBD: 250 mgCBD/Serving: 8mg / 1 ML

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