Of all of the various ways to get in a daily dose of cannabidiol, one of the most popular is gummies.  And who doesn’t want to treat themselves to tasty gummy candies while doing their body good with hemp compounds?  CBD gummies come in all varieties, differing from one another in terms of strength, compound profile, and, of course, flavor, among other things.

One factor that’s commonly overlooked in terms of its importance is flavor.  But, the flavor of your gummies matters quite a lot, as it turns out.  For one thing, you’re going to be more likely to maintain an effective daily routine if you actually enjoy the taste of the CBD product that you’re taking. 

The Importance of Flavoring Properly

Like we said, making sure that a gummy actually has an appealing flavor is particularly important.  And, making CBD gummies taste as delicious as possible might be harder than you think.  It requires a team of flavor experts who know how to make the right flavor profile to appeal to the palate on a daily basis.

Further, it’s super important that CBD gummies are flavored with the right ingredients.  Many low-quality companies use artificial flavoring that isn’t all that good for you to consume every day.  The ingredients used to flavor a gummy are arguably more important than the flavor itself.

What to Look for in a CBD Gummy Flavor

As a consumer, it’s extremely important that you know what to look for when choosing the right CBD gummies in terms of flavoring.  Let’s break down the key factors to take into consideration before you make a purchase.

Key Factor #1: An Agreeable Flavor Profile

Of course, you should absolutely seek out a flavor profile that appeals to your palate.  This way, you can legitimately enjoy each and every dose, and feel like you’re indulging in something delicious.  This will help you maintain a consistent routine by keeping you coming back for more.

Key Factor #2: Natural Ingredients

Ideally, you want as many natural flavoring ingredients as possible.  Synthetic flavoring ingredients, including artificial sweeteners, may not be great for your health in the long term, and because gummies are typically taken daily, you will be ingesting a lot of that flavoring over time.  Read the list of ingredients carefully and look up ingredients that you’re unfamiliar with to know how they’re made. 

Key Factor #3: No Fillers

A lot of gummies contain filler ingredients that aid in flavoring in some way, but aren’t necessarily good for you.  Fillers may be flavoring preservatives, synthetic additives that enhance the taste and so on.

Key Factor #4: Not Too Much Sugar

Of course, it’s always good to watch our daily sugar intake.  If you’re taking multiple doses of gummies each day, you want to make sure you’re not consuming too much sugar.  Besides looking for the actual sugar content in each gummy, take into consideration where the particular sweetener used falls on the glycemic index.

Key Factor #5: Non-GMO

Non-GMO flavoring is ideal, because genetically modified ingredients are still being studied for their potential harmful effects when consumed in excess.  Most companies will have a non-GMO certification somewhere on the packaging, or on their website.

Key Factor #6: Vegan

If you’re trying to avoid animal products, then make sure that the formula is vegan. You’d be surprised by how many companies use non-vegan ingredients to flavor their edibles.

Key Factor #7: Gluten-Free

If you’re following a gluten-free diet, you’ll also want to make sure that the formula is free of gluten so that you don’t have a reaction.

Key Factor #8: Company Transparency

Finally, you want to make sure that the company you buy from is completely transparent about their ingredients, how their ingredients are sourced and how they make their gummies in general.  Their website should answer many of these questions, and they should be happy to answer any other questions when contacted via phone or email.

CBD Gummy Flavors at Blue Moon Hemp: Flavoring Done Right

Blue Moon Hemp goes above and beyond when it comes to flavoring our gummies.  We know that you deserve and expect only the best in terms of both flavor and quality.  We offer familiar, beloved candy flavors made with the most naturally sourced ingredients that we can find.  By refusing to use artificial flavors means we take our job seriously.  Our formulas are gluten-free and vegan, as well as non-GMO. 

CBD gummies aren’t going anywhere, and companies like ourselves are always finding new ways to make them tastier, more bioavailable and more customizable than ever before.

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