When we think about the best ways to ensure that we reach our goals with CBD, one thing that we pay attention to is the milligram strength.  Getting the right amount of compounds in the system plays a major role in how successful our experience will be overall.  But a key factor that’s often overlooked is timing.

We’ll be discussing the importance of timing when it comes to starting and maintaining a cannabidiol regimen.  You will see that knowing when to time your dosage requires an understanding of how CBD absorbs into the body, among other important things that play a big role.

Why Does Timing Matter So Much Anyway?

The large majority of us are using cannabidiol for something specific, like sleep or some type of pain.  And so it’s important that the hemp compounds peak in the system right when we’ll need them, like at bedtime, or when we’re about to start our day and want as little physical discomfort as possible.  Therefore, it’s crucial that we do what we can to ensure that our routine works in a way that we experience the potential effects of hemp when we need them the most.

Timing Your CBD Properly

Now, let’s discuss how to time our CBD intake properly so that it peaks when we want it to.  The biggest determining factor of when we should take our CBD is the delivery method we’ve chosen.  This is because CBD absorbs into different tissues of the body at different rates.  Therefore, some products peak faster than others.


Edibles are ingested, which means that it can take a while for the effects to peak in the body.  The CBD must work its way through the entire digestive tract before getting processed by the liver and released into the system.  So, take your edible one to two hours before you want to feel the cannabidiol active in your body.

Vapes and Flower

Both CBD vaping products and flower are inhaled, and this is the fastest-acting delivery method available.  Therefore, with either of these products, simply use them when you want effects within minutes.


Tinctures absorb through the sublingual tissue, which is the fleshy area beneath the tongue.  This is a fairly absorbent tissue of the body, and so CBD tinctures may peak in 15 to 45 minutes.  Therefore, time your dosage accordingly.


Finally, we have topicals.  Topicals tend to also be fast-acting, with many people saying they feel the CBD at work within 30 minutes of application.  Apply this information based on your needs.

Factors that Can Affect Timing

Other factors can affect how long it takes for the cannabidiol to peak in the system, so take the ones below into consideration.

Factor #1: Strength

The strength of the product definitely makes a difference, which is something that many people underestimate.  The higher the milligram strength of the CBD you’re using, the faster it can take effect, and this is because of the nature of bioavailability.  More milligrams mean more capability of the body to absorb them, which is why the effects may be felt sooner.

Factor #2: Quality

The quality also matters tremendously.  High-quality CBD is more bioavailable, because it was made with careful manufacturing methods that preserve the chemical structure and stability of the hemp compounds.  This also plays a role in bioavailability.  So, how do you know that you’re getting high-quality CBD?  Look for third-party lab reports on a brand’s website, which indicate general quality of the product.

Factor #3: Your Body

We all have a unique balance of chemicals, and our bodies process compounds at different rates and in unique ways.  If you give two people the exact same product, you might be surprised by the difference in time it takes for each person to experience peak levels of CBD activation in the body.  There’s no way to know how long it takes your body to fully absorb and activate cannabidiol, but the more you use it, the more you’ll have an idea of your unique ability to absorb it.

Final Thoughts

When we take our CBD each day, may be just as important as when we take it, especially if you’re trying to achieve something specific with cannabidiol.  So yes, timing does matter as the CBD product you choose can have an impact on how fast or how slow it’ll work.

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