Would you consider yourself a hemp purist?  Do you prefer to approach your CBD routine as naturally as possible?  If so, the hemp flower at Blue Moon Hemp may be exactly what you need to take your routine to new heights.  But, in order to experience all that this type of delivery method is capable of, it’s important to know how to use it properly.

What is Hemp Flower?

Hemp flower is simply the female flower derived from the hemp plant.  It’s from this flower that we get all CBD products, including topicals, vapes, tinctures, edibles and more.  The difference is that while all of the products listed above are made from extracted hemp compounds, hemp flower offers the purist form of these compounds available.

Within the hemp flower, you’ll find a wide array of desirable compounds, with cannabidiol being just one of them.  There are also additional cannabinoids like CBN, CBC and CBG, plus the trace amount of THC that’s non-psychoactive.  Plus, there are loads of terpenes, which are chemical compounds native to all plants, which offer incredibly useful properties, and flavonoids as well as nutrients.

Many serious hemp enthusiasts prefer the flower to extract-based products because of its natural state.  They believe that the raw, pure form of hemp allows for an experience closer to that which nature intends, and one that has been unadulterated by chemistry-based methods.

Blue Moon Hemp Flower: The Best Way to Experience Hemp as Nature Intended

Blue Moon Hemp provides customers with the very best hemp flower that’s out there.  We source our hemp carefully from the most reputable farmers in the country, who grow their plant organically for more chemical stability and purity.  The hemp is grown from non-GMO seeds as well.  Even better, it’s available in a variety of highly in-demand strains.

Best Ways to Use Blue Moon Hemp Flower

When you receive your Blue Moon Hemp Flower, you’ll have a jar of loose buds that can be utilized in a few different ways.  Let’s walk you through the most common methods for this product.


Smoking hemp flower remains the most common delivery method, and perhaps the easiest.  There are a few ways to smoke it.  One is to break it up and roll it in paper, and the other is to put it into the bowl of a pipe.  Which method you choose is a matter of personal preference but note that smoking it will provide the strongest and most fast-acting effects, which may appeal to you.


Another method that’s similar to smoking it is vaping.  Today, you can find a wide array of vaporizer devices that can let you inhale those compounds without actually taking in any smoke, which may be appealing to those who are particularly sensitive.  Vaping can give you the same effects and onset as smoking, only the experience is smoother because vapor is quite different from smoke.  Note that if you opt for this option, you need to make sure that you have a vaporizer device that’s made specially for this type of product, as simply putting the flower into a standard tank or cartridge will not work, and can damage the product.


Another popular option is cooking with it.  This takes a bit of time, and a higher volume of flower if you wish to make a full batch, but it can be well worth it.  When we consume hemp flower in the form of edibles, its effects may take longer to activate, but they can last for several hours at a time. 

To make edibles with hemp flower, you first need to create a hemp-based fat that will be added to your recipe.  You do this by cooking the flower in a fat, such as olive oil or butter, at the right temperature for a long period of time, so that the fat is infused with the hemp and so that the compounds are active.  Then, you can use this fat as you would any in your favorite recipe.

Make a Versatile CBD Oil

The method above starts with making a CBD-based fat, and once you have that, you don’t have to restrict your usage of it to cooking.  By making a CBD oil, you can create all kinds of products that are infused with hemp, including topicals, tinctures and more.

Check Out What the World of Hemp Flower has to Offer Today!

Hemp flower can open up your world to a whole new way to experience CBD and all of the other compounds that you desire in your daily routine.  Blue Moon Hemp has developed some of the best CBD flower that’s out there right now, and it can be experienced in a wide variety of ways.

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