One of the best inventions of the last decade is CBD e-liquid.  Available in a wide range of flavors, milligram strengths and strains, CBD e-liquid allows us to inhale useful doses of hemp compounds for a fast activation period and uniquely potent experience.

Many feel that vaping CBD is a uniquely enjoyable way to maintain a daily hemp routine.  But, once in a while, something can go wrong, either with the device or the e-liquid itself.  One of the most commonly reported issues is vaper’s tongue, which is widely misunderstood, and can be mistaken for a medical issue by someone who has not experienced it before.

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

Vaper’s tongue is an experience in which the taste buds and nose can no longer perceive sensory stimuli.  It’s temporary and caused by an overload of information.  When the senses are constantly exposed to something strong, they get fatigued and take a break from picking up on what they are exposed to. 

All of our senses are capable of producing this experience.  When we listen to loud music for too long, we eventually lose the ability to pick up on individual frequencies and instruments.  When we spend all day cooking, we eventually have a hard time discerning the nuances of the flavor palate.  And, when we vape a flavored e-juice for too long, we stop being able to taste and smell it.

When vaper’s tongue occurs, some people may worry that they’ve done permanent damage, and seek medical attention.  However, you don’t need to run to the doctor.  Vaper’s tongue eventually goes away, usually within a day. 

Avoiding Vaper’s Tongue When Vaping CBD Vapes

The best way to deal with vaper’s tongue is to simply prevent it from happening.  Here are the best preventative measures that you can take.

Preventative Measure #1: Stick to Simple Flavors

First, stick to simpler flavors.  The more information your taste buds and nose are forced to pick up on, the quicker they’re get tired out.  The more complex the flavor profile, the more work your senses have to do to feed information to your brain.  Single-flavor options are ideal, such as individual fruits.

Preventative Measure  #2: Throw in Some Menthol

Menthol may be a natural way to prevent vaper’s tongue because the intensity of menthol seems to keep the taste buds and olfactory glands in a constantly exhilarated state, which prevents them from getting fatigued.  Think of it as coffee for your senses.  There are many menthol-flavored CBD vapes on the market today.

Preventative Measure #3: Don’t Chain-Vape

One of the most common reasons for vaper’s tongue is chain-vaping.  For those who don’t know, chain-vaping refers to the act of vaping a lot in a short period of time, as in, taking one hit after another without a real break in-between.  Chain-vaping exhausts the senses as they are constantly exposed to stimuli without getting a break to rest from the sensory overload.  So, space out your hits, and spend less time vaping overall.

Preventative Measure #4: Maintain Your Vaping System

There are some things that you can do to your vaping system in terms of maintenance as well.  For one thing, clean out your tank regularly, because failing to do so can cause debris of the last e-juice to complicate the flavor of the new one, increasing the chances of vaper’s tongue occurring.  You can also try vaping at a lower wattage or voltage level to produce less vapor, which means less flavor.

Preventative Measure #5: Switch Up Your Flavors

A good way to keep vaper’s tongue at bay is to rotate between flavors every couple of days.  This means that the senses are always being reinvigorated with new information to perceive. 

What to Do if Vaper’s Tongue Occurs

Now you know how to prevent vaper’s tongue, but what can you do if it occurs despite your best efforts?  Here are some of our favorite quick tips.

Tip #1: Take a Break

Simple enough to do.  Just put your vaping system down for at least an hour.  This gives the senses a chance to rest and recover.

Tip #2: Vape Some Menthol

Again, menthol seems to be a powerful agent for reversing the effects of vaper’s tongue.  So, keep a menthol-flavored vape on hand and switch to that temporarily, until the problem finally subsides.

Tip #3: Smell Some Coffee

Many vapers have reported that smelling coffee helps recalibrate their senses.  Coffee has stimulating effects and may be able to wake up the senses that are fatigued by sensory overload.  The stronger the coffee, the better.

Tip #4: Brush Your Teeth

Similarly, brushing your teeth with a strong, minty toothpaste may be able to do the same thing as coffee.  The same goes for using an oral rinse with a strong flavor.

Tip #5: Suck on a Lemon

Lastly, many vapers swear by sucking on a slice of lemon to reinvigorate the senses when vaper’s tongue occurs.

Vaper’s Tongue Can Be Extremely Annoying…

However, it’s not a condition that requires medical attention.  It will correct itself, but that doesn’t mean that vapers shouldn’t do what they can to prevent it from happening.  Simply use this guide to do everything you can to ensure vaper’s tongue from occurring while trying to enjoy your Blue Moon Hemp CBD e-juices.

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