CBD is an inclusive industry, being useful to people of all ages, ethnicities, medical circumstances, and sexes.  In fact, more CBD brands are popping up with hemp products formulated specifically for women, because as we all know, there are several health issues and symptoms that disproportionately affect females. 

Let’s take a closer look into what cannabidiol might be able to do for women specifically, based on the many unique properties that it possesses.  If you’re a woman who wishes to try CBD, please speak with your doctor, and inform them of your medical history as well as medications that you’re currently taking.  And note that while we will be sharing medical research on CBD, we are not intending to give medical advice, as that should only come from licensed medical professionals.

Why So Many Women are Turning to Natural Forms of Relief

You may have noticed a recent shift in which more and more women are turning to natural forms of relief, such as herbal remedies and botanicals that have holistic properties.  This trend is nothing new, but it’s become more mainstream in the last decade.  So, what is it about mother nature that’s so appealing to women?

Well, there are a few factors at play.  One is that many women report feeling that their needs are not treated seriously in clinical environments.  Many women suffer from chronic symptoms that do not show up in standard tests, such as pain conditions, PMS symptoms and fatigue.  And so, they wish to turn to natural options that don’t require a prescription from a doctor.

Another factor is that more and more women feel empowered to take their wellbeing, both physical and mental, into their own hands.  Today, we have more access to health-related information than ever before thanks to the internet.  This gives us the ability to learn about our health and read through clinical studies using plant-based remedies with incredibly useful properties.

Ailments That Commonly Affect Women

Both men and women can experience all kinds of symptoms and conditions, but there are some ailments that affect women more than men.  A lot of these ailments have to do with women’s hormones, which are unique, and follow a cycle known as the menstrual cycle.  While men’s hormones tend to remain more static, women’s hormones are constantly changing throughout the month.  This can lead to a wide range of symptoms as these hormone fluctuations can produce all kinds of effects on the body and mind.  Further, women’s hormones are more prone to imbalances that can lead to a host of symptoms that take place throughout the month.  And, of course, both menstruation and menopause are known for their varied symptoms which can be quite severe.

CBD and the Female Body

Before we break down the various potential properties that CBD can offer to women, we have to understand how cannabidiol interacts with the body.  Everyone has an endocannabinoid system, which is a regulatory system within the body that helps maintain homeostasis.  It uses cannabinoid receptors found in every major system, and each receptor is in charge of regulating specific bodily processes.  These receptors need regular levels of cannabinoids like CBD to do their job properly.  This is why the potential effects of cannabidiol are so widespread.

CBD for Stress

Sure, we all experience stress, as it’s a natural response of the body.  But women may experience stress at higher rates of frequency than men due to the fluctuations of hormones throughout the month.  Progesterone and estrogen play a role in stress levels, and because they change so much week by week, many women become extra sensitive to stress at various points throughout the cycle.

Many studies have been done on CBD’s potential effects on cortisol regulation, which explain why so many people find that cannabidiol helps them relax.  Therefore, CBD may be useful for women who struggle with stress-related issues.

CBD for Sleep

Cortisol levels also play a role in sleep.  If cortisol is too high, it’s difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep as it directly suppresses melatonin, the hormone that is secreted in the evening so that we may fall asleep easily.  Because of the potential cortisol-regulating properties of cannabidiol, CBD may also be useful for women dealing with sleeping issues.  Female sex hormones can have a drastic impact on sleep, with many women reporting poor sleep during the PMS stage, and during menopause as well.

CBD for Pain

Pain conditions are common among women.  For one thing, hormones can influence inflammation levels, which is why many women feel achy right around their periods.  Further, many women experience menstrual cramps that can be anywhere from mild to debilitating.

A lot of research has gone into understanding the link between CBD and pain, and many women turn to CBD to manage their pain levels.

CBD for Skin

We also know that women may struggle with skin-related issues more than men.  Women’s skin is more prone to acne due to hormone fluctuations and can lose collagen at a fast rate as the body ages, while showing physical signs of aging like fine lines and sagging.  Studies have shown that because of the cannabinoid receptors in the skin tissue, CBD may offer various properties to the skin including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

What to Know Before Taking CBD

If you’re a woman who wants to start a hemp routine, have a thorough conversation with your medical provider beforehand.  You’ll want to choose a delivery method and milligram strength that best reflects your unique needs and goals with hemp.  It’s best to take CBD daily, because consistent cannabinoid intake seems to be the most useful to the endocannabinoid system.

As our industry continues to grow and evolve, we’re learning more about how women can use cannabidiol for common female-related issues.

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