It happens to all of us – we buy a lot of CBD and then realize that we probably have to put some of it away for a much later time, Why?  Because we ended up with way more than we would realistically go through within a few months.  Well, CBD can be stored up to a certain point, but how you store it determines how long it will be worth using.

Can CBD Go Bad?

First, let’s get one thing out of the way.  We’re often asked if CBD goes bad after a certain period of time.  The answer is both yes and no.  When CBD expires, it doesn’t become toxic, like moldy vegetables that have been sitting in your kitchen for goodness knows how long.  It does, however, start to break down on a molecular level.  Once this happens, the chemical compounds lose their potency as they are no longer stable.

CBD oil typically lasts for about two years.  That length of time can be shortened by other ingredients in a product’s formula that break down sooner.  CBD products should have an expiration date clearly printed on the label.

Why Proper Storage is Important

Because CBD is capable of becoming destabilized and losing its potency as a result, it’s very important that you store your CBD goods properly, especially if you don’t think that you’ll be getting around to using them for a while.  This is because while CBD oil has a shelf life of about two years, storing it improperly, as in, exposing it to adverse conditions, can make it expire even sooner.

Storage Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your CBD

Now, let’s break down the major ways to store CBD in the proper manner so that it can retain its potency and be enjoyed for months to come.

Storage Tip #1: Keep it Cool

High heat and CBD don’t mix.  High heat can break down those chemical compounds quickly as the change in temperature destabilizes them.  The way to prevent this from happening is to keep your CBD in a cool place when you’re not using it.  This can be any place in which it doesn’t see direct sunlight or stand in the way of a heating vent that is in your home. 

Note: You don’t want CBD to be cold, either so make sure it remains at room temperature as much as possible.

Storage Tip #2: Darkness is Your Friend

Like heat, bright light can cause the CBD compounds to break down quickly.  Therefore, keep your CBD in dark place as much as you can.  Places like closets, drawers and cabinets are all fine.  The darker, the better, so don’t be afraid to leave it in a place that is pitch black, as long as you can find it easily when the time comes to use it again.

Storage Tip #3: Avoid High Humidity

Humidity is another factor that can make your CBD break down sooner than later, so make sure that the area in which you store your CBD remains dry.  Don’t store your CBD next to a humidifier, or in the bathroom where the shower can keep the room moist.  And, don’t keep your CBD in an area of the kitchen where the steam from the stove is nearby.

Storage Tip #4: Keep CBD Vape Juices in Their Original Bottles

With CBD vape juice, you want to keep the formula in the original bottle as much as possible.  That’s because many of these bottles are made to protect CBD from elements that can destabilize it. Many come in amber glass bottles which block out light and heat, and others come in clear glass that is thick enough to maintain a cool temperature within the bottle. 

Storage Tip #5: Keep Things Airtight

CBD products should always be stored in an airtight container, as oxygen can slowly break down the molecules of the compounds.  If you have broken the seal of the package in which your CBD product came, choose an airtight bag or container that can be sealed thoroughly.

Storage Tip #6: Don’t Leave CBD Outdoors

Leaving CBD outdoors is never a good idea, because the outdoor climate can expose CBD to all kinds of things that make it break down quickly.  Further, CBD doesn’t like extreme weather changes.  This means that you should keep your CBD in your home rather than somewhere in your backyard or in a shed.  This also applies to leaving CBD in a car, which can get extremely hot or extremely cold depending on the weather.

Storage Tip #7: Put Edibles in Resealable Pouches

CBD edibles in particular should be kept in resealable pouches, as they can not only lose their potency, but also their flavor if they are exposed to too much air.  If your edibles didn’t come in a resealable pouch, find one and transport them as soon as you can.  The longer they sit in an open bag, the faster they become unenjoyable to consume.

Storage #8: Know When You Purchased Your CBD

Keep note of when you purchased your CBD products, so that you can know which ones to use up first based on the order in which they have been bought.  This way, you’ll never have CBD lying around that is way past its expiration date, which results in a lot of wasted money.

Storage Tip #9: Don’t Overbuy

Finally, a way to prevent CBD from going bad while in your possession is to only buy as much as you’ll use in a couple of months.  This ensures you will most likely never have to worry about ending up with expired CBD.

Overall, Storing Your CBD Properly is Crucial

Use these tips the next time you stock up to ensure that you get the most out of your hemp collection before it’s no longer worth using.

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