CBD users are told time and time again that one of the biggest keys to finding success with CBD is choosing the right milligram strength.  However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting the appropriate one for your needs and your body.  So, people are encouraged to experiment with different strengths that are available before finding the one that meets their needs.

What makes it hard to choose the proper milligram strength is that everyone’s body processes and utilizes CBD in its own unique way.  This means that while 1000mg may be absolutely perfect for one person, it’s simply not enough to make any noticeable difference for another. 

Therefore, it’s natural that throughout one’s CBD journey, they may want to increase or decrease the milligram strength of their CBD product more than once.  The question is, when is the right time to make such an adjustment? 

Well, allow us to help.

When to Make an Adjustment to Your Milligram Strength

First, let’s talk about the general rules of changing your milligram strength, whether you wish to increase it or decrease it.  Below are the best times to make an adjustment.

Adjustment Rule #1: When You Run Out of Your Product

A good time to consider changing the milligram strength is when you finish up the product that you’ve been using.  Once we’re done using a product, we tend to decide whether or not we like it based on how it tastes, how it smells and other superficial factors.  But, if a product didn’t deliver the results that you had hoped for, the milligram strength is one of the first things that you should consider adjusting.

Adjustment Rule #2: After Two Weeks of Daily Use

You may have heard people say that you should wait at least two weeks after taking CBD daily to adjust your routine.  While this may sound like an arbitrary number of days, there’s actually science behind it.  It seems that it takes about two weeks for the endocannabinoid system to fully adjust to daily cannabinoid intake, which means that after the two-week period is when CBD is at its fullest potential for effectiveness.  This means that if after two weeks, you still aren’t satisfied with the experience, it’s a good time to reconsider the milligram strength that you’re taking.

Adjustment Rule #3: If Something Changes in Your Body

You might decide to increase or decrease your milligram strength because a change has occurred in your body which means that the amount of CBD you were taking is no longer working.  For instance, maybe you were taking CBD for stress, but the stressful event has passed.  Or, maybe you were taking CBD to manage the endocannabinoid system in general, but you’ve recently developed muscle pain in your shoulder.

Increase Your Milligram Strength if…

Now, let’s get into when you should consider increasing your CBD milligram strength, and when you should decrease it.  Let’s start with the circumstances that may call for an increase.

Consideration #1: You Want a Stronger CBD Experience

Maybe you’re pleased with CBD in general, but you want to experience a more potent activation period after taking it.  Or, maybe you’re finding that while CBD is helpful, you want more relief than what you’re getting.  If this is the case, increasing the milligram strength is the way to go.

Consideration #2: A Condition You Have Has Worsened

If you were taking CBD for a specific symptom, like stress or headaches, and the symptom has gotten worse as of late, increasing your CBD milligram strength might be a good move.

Consideration #3: You’re Not Taking Enough CBD for Your Body Weight

Some people don’t know that your CBD milligram strength should also reflect your body weight, with higher body weights benefiting from stronger potency levels.  If you were not taking enough CBD for your body weight, increasing the strength is a good idea.

Consideration #4: You Wanna Decrease Your Dosage Amount

Some people choose to increase their milligram strength if they find themselves taking several doses per day.  This way, each dose provides you with more potency, reducing the chances that you’ll feel compelled to take more later on.

Decrease Your Milligram Strength if…

Now, let’s talk about when you might want to consider decreasing your milligram strength.

Consideration #1: CBD is Making You Sleepy

Some people find that high potency levels make them feel sleepy.  If this happens to you, and you don’t enjoy the feeling, you can decrease the milligram strength.

Consideration #2: You Want to Take More Doses

If you prefer taking more frequent doses of low-potency CBD, rather than one dose of high-potency CBD, you can decrease the milligram strength.

Consideration #3: Looking to Add Another Product into Your Routine

Some people choose to add another type of delivery method into their daily routine to better customize their CBD experience.  If this is the case, they may choose to temporarily reduce the milligram strength that they’re already taking, at least temporarily.

Consideration #4: You Don’t Need it as Much Anymore

Or, maybe you just don’t need as much CBD as you once did, because the circumstances that led you to take CBD daily have improved.

When You Should Keep Your Milligram Strength the Same

Of course, there are also instances in which you would benefit the most by keeping your milligram strength alone.  For instance, if your routine is bringing you satisfaction and relief without eating into your budget, there’s probably no reason to change the amount.  Further, if you were only taking CBD as needed before, it’s better to try taking it daily before you adjust the milligram strength, because CBD seems to be more effective when taken every single day.

How to Adjust the Milligram Strength

Finally, let’s quickly talk about the do’s and don’ts of adjusting your milligram strength.  You may be tempted to make a drastic change, but we don’t think this is wise.  Instead, go with small increments.  Another thing to keep in mind is that each delivery method absorbs into the body at its own rate, so keep in mind that the milligram strength that works for you in one type of delivery method may not produce the same results when you switch delivery methods.

Use this Guide to Know When a Change in Potency Should Be Made

When it comes to maintaining a useful and productive CBD routine, it’s crucial that you take the right milligram strength for your personal needs each day.  Also, a part of taking the right milligram strength is understanding when to increase or decrease the amount.

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