If you’ve been dabbling in CBD for a while but want something that’s more potent, it may be time to graduate to shatter.  In plain terms, shatter is a highly concentrated version of CBD that provides more potency, and is absorbed into the body via inhalation, usually through a vaping device.

However, as is the case with all CBD products, not all shatter is created equally.  One major determining factor of the overall quality of shatter is its purity rate. 

Now, those who have used CBD for a while are familiar with the importance of checking for impurities by looking at a lab report provided by a third-party, that’s available on a company’s website.  When it comes to the purity rate of shatter, things are a little bit different.

First, however, let’s talk about what shatter is, before we get into what the purity rate means, why it’s so important, and how Blue Moon Hemp has developed a remarkably pure shatter product, better than the majority that’s available on the market today.

What is Shatter?

CBD shatter is a concentrate made from the hemp plant.  It’s considered the most highly concentrated CBD product that there is, meaning that it’s way more potent than your standard CBD edible, tincture or vape oil.  It gets its name from its texture, which looks like a sheet of glass, and shatters easily so that it can be broken up into small pieces and put into a vaping device chamber or pipe.

CBD shatter is essentially a crystallized concentrate which contains a high amount of CBD as it naturally occurs in hemp, along with a variety of terpenes.  This means that shatter is available in a wide range of strains, which is great for those who don’t just desire an increase in potency, but also want to be able to customize their experience according to the strain that they prefer.  It’s also worth noting that although CBD shatter is very potent compared to other hemp products, it still contains too little THC to make you high, and often, the THC is removed from the final product.

How is Shatter Made?

Shatter is made by heating the hemp plant material to a certain temperature that causes it to liquify, and as it cools, it crystallizes.  Hydrocarbons are used to aid in this process so that it has the right consistency while retaining its potent chemical compounds.  This also allows it to be easily pressed into a sheet.  Shatter is naturally an amber color that reflects the chemical compounds that occur in the hemp plant. 

Shatter also goes through a purification process that removes any impurities that may end up in the final product.  The purification process typically consists of a specialized vacuum-like device that removes hydrocarbons, solvents and any other impurities from the resulting concentrate.  This process is critical, because it’s very easy to mess up.  Either the process can fail to remove enough impurities, or it can unintentionally damage the chemical structure of the desirable compounds in hemp, such as CBD, making the product lacking in adequate potency, or chemically unstable in a way that makes the product break down shortly after it gets into the hands of the customers. 

Is Shatter the Same as Wax?

Let’s quickly clear something up, as there remains a lot of confusion about the nature of different concentrates.  Many people think that wax and shatter are the same thing, but they are not.  Wax is made using an entirely different process, and the consistency is different as well.  Many believe that shatter is superior because it’s more potent, and it’s also purer by nature.

What is the Shatter Purity Rate?

Here’s the thing – shatter should be as pure as possible.  It’s up to the company that makes the shatter to ensure that the purification process is as thorough as it can be.  There is no industry-wide standard regarding the purity rate of shatter.

Companies though, do make a point to share the purity rate number with customers, because this is one way to confirm high quality to consumers.  This number is objective, and so it’s a great way to help customers make the right choice.  The average shatter that’s on the market today has a purity rate of about 45 to 75 percent.  We know what you’re thinking – that’s pretty low.  That means that you could be getting a lot of impurities in your product that will end up in your body.  Further, there are impurities that can interfere with the chemical stability and bioavailability of the hemp compounds as well.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Shatters

At Blue Moon Hemp, we recognize that we have a responsibility to make the purest shatter possible.  That’s why our shatters have a purity rate of 99.6 percent.  That’s basically as high as you’ll find anywhere, and it comes from the purification process that we have developed over the years, that is as thorough as possible without interfering with the chemical structure of the CBD and other compounds you are trying to consume.

Our shatter goes above and beyond that of just astoundingly pure.  It’s also more than capable of meeting your needs in a number of ways.  We create a CBD isolate shatter, and then add naturally derived terpenes to produce a variety of strains.  We know that our customers can be particular about the strains that they consume, and for good reason.  Different strains emphasize different effects, and every customer deserves to have the experience that they desire.

Because of our high purity level, you can count this shatter giving you the results that you deserve.  Remember, the purer the product, the more potent it is, and the more capable it is of satisfying your unique needs and preferences. 

Using the CBD Shatter at Blue Moon Hemp

Now that you know about Blue Moon Hemp CBD shatters, let’s quickly discuss how to get the most out of it. 

  1. First, we suggest thoroughly looking through the strains that we have available.  If you don’t know about different strains, you can cross-reference them and discover what unique effects they may provide.  Choose the strain that best suits your individual needs.
  2. Then, you’ll want to secure the proper device.  Many people are eager to simply place their shatter in the standard vaping device they use for all of their CBD oils and e-liquids.  But, a lot of devices aren’t designed for shatter as it is a completely different substance with different output needs and a unique consistency.  We suggest buying a dabbing pen instead, as this type of device is designed specifically for concentrates and can ensure that your shatter vapes properly while giving you the smoothest and most satisfying experience.

Shatter Purity Really is the Way to Go!

It’s clear that if there’s one thing you should look for when selecting shatter, it’s the purity rate.  This is one objective bit of information that tells you the quality of product that you’re getting.  Blue Moon Hemp CBD shatters are remarkably pure thanks to our advanced techniques and commitment to meeting customers’ needs.

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